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What is our apostolic charism?
Fr Luis Garza LC explores the essence of the gift we received from God

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Fr Luis Garza LC, director of the North American Territory, reflects on our apostolic charism in a new document sent to all the Legionaries and consecrated members in the territory.

“In this period of reflection and renewal, we have asked ourselves ‘what is it that we do and how we do it?’ We are not the only ones: bishops, priests and others have asked the same question,” said Fr Luis. “In the territorial imperatives, we saw the need to ‘clarify and transmit the specific identity, vision and mission of the Legion and Regnum Christi and of our institutions, making sure our decisions and actions always flow from our identity and mission.’  Each of us should try, in our own way, to express the way each sees and understands the charism. We all love this gift that we have received from God. Although it is a lived experience, we can try to express it in words so that we can know and live it better, love it even more and transmit this more faithfully. This gift of God is a precious treasure that we must protect, nurture and share.

“This text contains my own personal thoughts and reflections. It is not an exhaustive study but rather my way of expressing and structuring the principles that I think guide what we do.”

The complete text can be read here. [This is a revised draft with some minor modifications]



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