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Leadership and Employment
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The International Leadership Semester (ILS) program in Rome helps students gain a competitive edge in today’s job market


Rome, Italy –International experience can help young people gain a competitive edge in today’s tough job market.   For students interested in leadership and international experiences, the International Leadership Semester (ILS), a program founded by a Legionary Priest, can offer that “competitive edge.”

The ILS program is offered through the European University of Rome and founded by ILS Executive Director Fr. Nathaniel Haslam, LC.  The program is accredited by the European University of Rome and managed by the Swiss School of Management (SSM), based in Rome, Italy. 

Becky Thomas, assistant dean for ILS, said the program has been in existence for three years.  “This ILS program is focused on personal growth and leadership,” she said. “It’s for students that are interested in understanding diverse perspectives, and want an idea of what kind of leader they have the potential to be.”

The ILS program aims to make its participants into universal leaders -- leaders in all fields and dimensions of human and social life.

Participating students can choose from a semester in the fall or spring, or a 3-week program in the summer.  They will take three leadership courses, and two electives, one of which is usually Italian.

ILS courses focus on developing the “five pillars” of leadership, including “Excellence, Authenticity, Faith, Tenacity and Teamwork.”

“When students go back home, they can apply the leadership principles that ILS has given them and make a positive impact on society,” said Fr. Nathaniel. "Leadership programs in the past
The Swiss School of Management in Rome
were typically reserved for executives and didn´t always take personal growth into account. The ILS creates a paradigm shift in leadership development through a holistic approach facilitated through student assessments, leadership mentors, corporate visits, community service leadership projects as well as creating and monitoring a personal development plan that they can take back to their universities."

A key part of the program is the "Service Leadership" aspect.  Each student is required to conceptualize, organize, plan, and carry out a community service-related project as part of their experiential learning.

Another benefit of the program, for those who want it, is the spiritual component since the Legionary priests are studying in the same building.  The priests are available to offer spiritual direction and the Catholic sacraments to those interested.

Students from US universities including Belmont Abbey, Harvard, Duke, University of Chicago and Texas A&M have participated in the program. 

Go to the ILS website  or email for more information.  Click here for a program overview flyer, here to access the program brochure, and here for the brochure on summer program only.



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