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What is RC?
Regnum Christi movement makes new brochure available to explain its mission

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Imagine having one of your Catholic friends ask you to explain the Regnum Christi movement, and in answer, you hand them a simple brochure.  Well, a new pamphlet, “What is RC,” is now available!

“This free, printable brochure will be a great tool for our people,” said Kerrie Rivard, National Director of Regnum Christi Women’s Section Support. “The brochure was created as a response to a need identified by RC members. We hope this will be useful in addition to the many other tools we have available, including the Regnum Christi website, the Member Handbook and the Regnum Christi commitment card.”

The new tri-fold brochure works well with the video presentation “What is RC?” by Fr. John Bartunek available for streaming viewing by clicking here.

The brochure explains in detail that Regnum Christi is “a Catholic spiritual family striving to build God’s Kingdom” in society through the means of developing “holiness, community and apostolate.”  The brochure also recommends that readers visit our website at

Click here to access the brochure.



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