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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Nothing More Real
Just in time for Easter, the consecrated women of Regnum Christi release new CD of contemporary music

Singing Consecrated Women
RC consecrated women Margie Lademan and Jill Swallow sing song "As You Are" on new CD "Nothing More Real"

by Mary Houser

Greenville, Rhode Island – As the Church prepares for the feast of Easter on April 8, 2012, the consecrated women of Regnum Christi have a great suggestion to help families celebrate.  The singers, songwriters and musicians of the group just released their newest music CD, Nothing More Real 

One of the singers, Sarah Lang, said the songs “may catch many by surprise.” 

“People are used to inspiring songs from the consecrated women, but this CD is also genuinely fun, from the cover art, to the lyrics, to the beat, to the vocals,” she said. 

The title track is especially appropriate for the Easter season. As co-writer of the song Nothing More Real, Emily Roman said, “Living for Christ is as real as it gets.” 

The song speaks to a common human experience
Nothing More Real
The new music CD from the RC consecated women may take people "by surprise."
-- the desire for something more.  That “something,” according to background vocalist Brittany Trela, is Heaven. “The real world isn’t the ‘busyness’ of the here and now,” she said. “It is Heaven and the things of God. There’s nothing more real than that.”  

Another song on the CD – Higherhas a similar theme to the title track.   

“It’s an invitation across generations never to stop seeking beyond what we can reach,” said Cathy Floro, a singer and songwriter who was also involved in the production of the CD. “It is an anthem of humanity’s perennial search for that something more that will satisfy the longing of the human heart.” 

She said of the song Can You Reach Me?: “We all want to be understood, to never be alone, to be accepted, to be believed in, to be loved…this cry doesn’t go unanswered; we just have to look around us to see that maybe the One who fulfills this longing is closer than we think.”

Many of the songs on the CD are the fruit of the personal prayer of the consecrated women. 

Singer and songwriter Jill Swallow said, “With one hand God gives my songs to me, and with the other He gently pushes me to share them. Most people have some sort of ‘desert’ experience in their lives.  My prayer is that songs on the CD like Holding On, As You Are and Through the Desert help people find God’s light and loving gaze in every one of life’s little deserts.” 

Ally Wheeler, singer and song writer of Goodbye (New Start), said of her inspiration, “It moves me beyond words to think that God lives in my soul. For me, there is nothing more real.” 

Go to our Music Store on Facebook to download the music or order your CD by clicking here. You can also call (401) 949-2820.  Songs on the CD can also be downloaded on Itunes.







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