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North American Territorial Leadership affirms Action Plan
Participants in annual planning/budget meetings report on robust discussions of the future of the Movement

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The Action Plan for the Mission gives the North American Territory solid direction for the future and base for future work.

That was the conclusion of participants in the territory’s annually planning/budget meetings held April 24 to 26 in Atlanta.  Territorial Director Fr Luis Garza, LC, led the meetings, which were attended by his territorial assistants, LCAs of representative localities and some staff members.  Participants reported that the majority of localities have conducted “conversations” around the Action Plan in which local Movement members could share their impressions and talk about how the plan can be used in their own formation and apostolic works.

“I’m confident that we are on the right track, but we have much work to do, especially in terms of achieving complete financial stability,” said Fr Luis.  “However, there clearly is a renewed sense of the importance of our mission to the Church.  And by any measure, our people are doing remarkable things to serve others.”

A further reflection on the Action Plan, presented last October by Fr Daniel Brandenburg, LC, is available as a PDF or audio file.



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