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ECYD Mission Corps
Volunteer a summer to share your faith with other youth!

Discover the possibilities of a summer of service.

April 17, 2012 -- The ECYD Mission Corps program (formerly called the ECYC coworker program), is up and running with a range of volunteering options for this summer.

Boys ages 14 -16 who want to serve others, live ECYD with other boys from around the world, create and plan apostolic activities, and grow in their friendship with Christ can choose from three summer sessions in the United States and Canada and up to 11 other international assignments.

Volunteering options in the States and Canada include:

  • June 1-July 1: Atlanta
  •  June 1-July 2: Louisiana
  •  June 7 - July 27: Dallas
  •  June 15 – August 1: Detroit
  •  June 20 – July 16: Chicago
  •  June 30 – August 3: Cornwall, Canada
  •  July 2 – 29: Washington, DC - Pennsylvania

There are also possibilities to travel to other countries for a summer of service with the Legionaries of Christ. Boys who are interested in going to Spain, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Chile, or Colombia should contact Fr. Daniel Brandenburg.

More information is in the attached flyer.



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