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Committee Assignments
Territory teams will work to make staff services more efficient

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A letter to all Legionaries, consecrated and Regnum Christi members in the North American Territory describes an improved committee structure to help the Movement to operate more efficiently and effectively.  The committees are designed to improve the service of the territorial staff to all our members.


Thy Kingdom Come!



June 28, 2012

To all Legionaries, Consecrated Women and Men and all Regnum Christi members Territory of North America

Dear Legionaries, Consecrated Women and Men and all Regnum Christi members,

Greetings. As you know, two years ago the Legion and the Regnum Christi movement in North America began to use Adizes to help us analyze our organization and seek to improve our internal governance. The valuable input received from this process has been of great help and there have been quite a few changes implemented because of it. One example of this was the creation of the Participatory Organizational Council which sought to increase the participation of members throughout the Legion and Regnum Christi in decision-making processes. Bringing together Legionaries, consecrated and other lay men and women, they studied and proposed solutions to different problems that the Legion and Regnum Christ have faced.

As we moved forward, we saw the need to establish more specific committees comprised of Legionaries, consecrated and first and second-degree members who have expertise in their respective fields so as to come up with solutions and present them to us and the territorial staff. Last year we saw the creation of various committees such as the new media committee, one for ECYD, and more recently the financial committee and the marketing committee.

After the staff meetings this June, a few more committees have been formed. Some of you will be asked if you could assist in serving in these committees or, in some cases, there will be consultations to obtain valuable experiences to bring forward our work. Here we offer a brief explanation of each committee and its role in helping us make good decisions in governance.

  • The financial committee serves to ensure that our administration and finances are in order, that audits are in place and that we follow our procedures in the decision-making process. This is headed by Fr Jose Felix Ortega.
  • The educational committee will meet to make recommendations on how to go ahead with our educational apostolate. Then it will supervise the implementation of that strategy and the correct governance of those efforts. Oscar Marroquin will head this committee.
  • The marketing and communications committee has begun meeting to find ways to communicate effectively our mission to both members and non-members. This is headed up by Jim Fair.
  • The apostolate committee will meet to analyze how we can better serve our brothers and sisters. Betty Rivera will head this committee and will help us coordinate the various subcommittees that are part of it. These subcommittees are:  
    • The ECYD committee will continue to implement the new developments in ECYD and find ways to improve our work with adolescents. This was led by Fr Daniel Brandenburg last year, and will be led by Betty Rivera beginning this fall.
    • The Regnum Christi youth sections committee will find ways to both help our young Regnum Christi members and reach out and minister better to youth in their high school and college years. This will be led by Fr Daniel Brandenburg.
    • The RCMC committee will continue meeting to improve the RC Mission Corps. Glory Darbellay will lead this committee.
    • The Legionary vocation committee will be a forum for ongoing teamwork and sharing of best practices. This team will be headed by Fr Justin Kielhorn.
    • The consecrated women’s vocation committee is a forum for ongoing teamwork and sharing of best practices. The vocation director in each team will be part of this committee as well as the director of the Immaculate Conception Program and the admissions director for MEC. Monica Treviño has been leading this team up to now.
    • The family outreach committee will gather a group of experts from different programs that, as part of the New Evangelization, reach out to families. Kerrie Rivard will chair this committee.
    • The Regnum Christi Resource Center committee will seek to identify and support better the needs of our Regnum Christi members and create material that will help them not just in their spiritual but also in their integral formation. This committee will also continue to develop an accredited spiritual guides’ course. Fr Andre LaSana will continue to lead this effort.
    • The locality support committee will aid the local coordinators of apostolate and their teams in continuing to set the framework for effective teamwork, help take steps towards the regionalization, constituting boards for decision making and so forth. Ivens Mendonca is the chair of this committee.
  • The new media committee will cease as the communications committee and the Regnum Christi Resource Center committee will, each according to the committee´s purpose, assume the goals of using the new media in their work.

The territorial staff, in their effort to better serve and to help promote participation, will be involved in the different committees. We hope that by having these committees, more members of the Legion and Regnum Christi will be able to participate and share their initiatives and expertise and thus better guide the Legion and Regnum Christi.

As we continue in our renewal process, let us ask God for the grace of being renewed interiorly and every day becoming more the men and women of God, that is the saints God has called us to be and which the world so desperately needs.

Yours in Christ,

Fr Luis Garza, LC

Mónica Treviño

Matthew Reinhardt

Territorial Director of the Legionaries of Christ

Territorial Director of the Consecrated Women of Regnum Christi

Territorial Director of the  Consecrated Men of Regnum Christi





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