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America Code Blue
Regnum Christi women in Louisiana start letter-writing campaign to stop the HHS Mandate

Code Blue Website

New Orleans, Louisiana -- Imagine what would happen if, beginning on September 8, 2012, right up through the November presidential election, a steady flow of thousands of blue envelopes with letters expressing opposition to the HHS mandate arrived in the halls of Congress and the US Senate.

A group of Regnum Christi women in Louisiana are organizing just such an effort in the hopes of reversing the decision by the US Department of Health and Human Service to mandate that all residents and businesses, regardless of their religious beliefs, fund health insurance that includes coverage for contraception and abortifacient drugs.

Called America Code Blue, the effort has been supported by the New Orleans Archbishop and involves of parishes, schools, and other Christian churches in Louisiana, and is spreading across the country. 

Other Regnum Christi members have been encouraged to join in.  The National Director of Regnum Christi Support, Kerrie Rivard, recently sent a note to RC section heads, asking members of our movement to “take a look at the (America Code Blue) website, send this out to all members, spread the word in your local area and networks, give your prayerful support, and consider getting involved.”

The website explains how the campaign was started by “a group of dedicated women of faith. We love our Church, practice our faith, and are committed to living fulfilled lives. We also love our country and are concerned about preserving the freedoms our founding fathers established.”

One of the groups’ organizers, Sally Steger, said the campaign is in answer to the call from US bishops asking the laity to get involved.  It is a “grassroots” effort “timed to have maximum impact on Congress” before
the November 2012 elections.

The target mailing dates are September 8–15, 2012, (though letters can be mailed anytime before the November election.)  September 8 is the date that recognizes the birth of Our Blessed Mother, and the RC women who founded this campaign believe they were inspired by Mary to do this.

“I really believe the Blessed Mother wanted us to do this and under her care and her blue mantle....we are asking for her guidance every step of the way,” said Sally.

She said her RC team had been “doubling our adoration hours every week for our country and the coming elections.” She said during adoration, the idea for the campaign kept coming to her.

“The idea was to flood Congress and the Senate with blue envelopes and hard copy letters!” said Sally. “If everyone mails their letters around the same will have a huge impact.”

“Emails can easily be ignored and no one really sees it,” she said. “Hard copy colored envelopes will get the attention of postal workers, office workers and hopefully media. It will force media and our congressmen to acknowledge that the silent majority is not silent anymore.”

After the adoration experience, Sally and some other RC women began talking, and they called a meeting asking anyone in their section in the New Orleans, Louisiana area, who would like to be involved to join them.

Group members Libby Tittle and Mary Langlois wrote the form letter to be used in the mailing, and “we all tweaked it,” explained Sally.

With the help of a local pastor, the idea was presented to the New Orleans Archbishop Gregory Michael Aymond, who posted it on his weekly diocesan communication to pastors. 

“The Archbishop called it an excellent plan and asked us to send a packet of information to every pastor in New Orleans,” said Sally.

The group has 35 parishes on board at present, and has collected about 9,000 signed letters so far.

“We have 20,000 envelopes ready to go, and we will likely order more,” said Sally. 

America Code Blue has already organized three “Liberty Masses” in the New Orleans diocese, using readings recommended by the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, as well as special holy hours.

“We plan on having 2 or 3 more,” said Sally. “We really want to get the word out nationally via our website.”

The website, created by Julie Ungarino, provides information about how to get involved, including an easy to follow plan and information on obtaining blue envelopes in bulk online.  Small teams of citizens are asked to disseminate the prepared form letters to their own churches, service groups, and clubs. These teams provide materials, collect signatures, and do the actual bulk mailings.  The campaign can be adapted to implement at sporting events, conventions, county fairs, farmers’ markets, and even for a door-to-door effort.

Sally said that said the campaign is catching fire beyond RC, and even beyond the Catholic Church.

“One of our members, Lauren Lagarde, brought the idea to a Protestant rally held in Dallas.  We also called on some Rabbis. We are encouraged by the enthusiasm with which it is being received. We know of several cities and states already circulating the idea among the faithful.”

“It is very exciting to see how many people are so grateful to just be doing something!” said Sally.  “If this least we can say we went down trying.”





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