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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Walking Together towards Rio de Janeiro
Talita Alves, Consecrated member of Regnum Christi, shares her experience of preparing for next year’s World Youth Day.

Rio de Janeiro será la sede de la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud, con el Papa Benedicto XVI, en julio de 2013.

World Youth Day (WYD) 2013, convoked by Pope Benedict XVI in Rio de Janeiro, is still nine months away, but in parishes and dioceses throughout the world, you can sense an atmosphere of preparation. Regnum Christi,alongwith other apostolic movements,are gearing up to participate in this landmark event of the Year of the Faith. We interviewed TalitaAlvez, Consecrated member of Regnum Christi , who is collaborating in the organization of the participation of the members of Regnum Christi in this WYD. Talita was born in Rio de Janeiro on the 19th of June in 1983. She was a member of Mission Youth and she became a member of Regnum Christi in 2004. In 2007 she went to Chile as a . She entered the consecrated life of Regnum Christi on June 17th, 2012.

What activities will Regnum Christi organize at World Youth Day in Rio? Where can you find all the necessary information?

There will be a closing Mass. There will
Talita Alves, consagrada del <i>Regnum Christi </i>
also be a stand for vocations (similar to the Vocation Coffee House in pastWYD) and we are looking into having an opening event with music and testimonies for members of Regnum Christi. ECYD is also putting an activity together that will be geared towards boys.  Currently, you can find all the general information for the WYD on the official website prepared for that purpose ( Also the Regnum Christi sections in Brazil have launched a Facebook page to invite young people who want to attend, organize activities and channel information ( and we are preparing our own website for this purpose. On these sites you can find videos, testimonies, music, etc.

What do you hope that the WYD in Rio will represent for the youth of the world and for the Church in Brazil?

I was in the WYD of 2005 in Germany and 2011 in Madridand it was a powerful experience of Christ with so many people of different nationalities. One could really experience the faith of all those people and their self-giving to God in those days. At the WYD of 2005 I heard God´s call to consecrated life, so these events mean a lot to me.  They let me relive the moment of my call from God and renew my decision to offer my life to Him. WYD in Rio shoulddo a lot of good for young people who have many other interests. Seeing the faith of others can be an opportunity to know Christ and change their lives. It will be a moment of great renewal for the Church. In Brazil, especially in the parishes, Movements are very strong,but I think seeing the Pope and so many Catholics from around the world will help us all have a more global view of the Church.
Logo del <i>Regnum Christi </i>para la JMJ
Moreover, Christ has a lot to do in every heart. It is a time of great grace where He acts and fruits are abundant.

Who is the WYD for? For young people who want to have an experience of faith? For those who seek the meaning of life?

For everyone. For those who still seek to find meaning in life, it will offer a firm point that they can rely on. At WYD it is it is easy to see how Christ is the only center and rock in the lives of many young people. It is also for those who already have Christ at the center of their lives. They will live an experience of sharing their faith that will change their lives.

What is your experience in organizing the participation of Regnum Christi in WYD?

It is a joy to be here supporting Regnum Christi in my city, but especially to have this be a part of my mission as a consecrated woman. As I said before, WYD helped me find my vocation, so I love being able to support and help other young people find this personal call from God.



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