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Signs of His Presence
New Directors Appointed for Consecrated Women


This summer, 5 new directors were appointed for centers of consecrated women in the US. This action followed the directive given by Gloria Rodríguez, the general director for the consecrated women, in June.  

Cristina Villaseñor is the director of the consecrated women working at Overbrook Academy in Warwick, RI. She is from Guadalajara, Mexico, and has been consecrated for 14 years.

Kathleen Murphy is the director of the new center in Cincinnati, OH. She is from Nova Scotia and has been consecrated for 18 years. 

Margarita Martínez is the director in Oxford, MI and is also director of the Immaculate Conception girls program. Margarita is from Mexico City and has been consecrated for 16 years. 

Mary Smith is now the director of the consecrated women in Washington DC. She is from California and has been consecrated for 18 years.

Nancy Nohrden is now the director in Atlanta, GA. She is from Massachusetts and has been consecrated for 14 years.

The Service of Authority and Obedience says that “if the life of the believer is
L-R Cristina Villaseñor, Kathleen Murphy, Margarita Martínez, Mary Smith, Nancy Nohrden
entirely a search for God, every day of life becomes a continual learning of how to listen to his voice in order to do his will… One learns to entrust oneself so much to God and to his Fatherhood, as also to trust in men and women — his sons and daughters and our brothers and sisters. In this way the certitude grows that the Father never abandons anyone, not even when it is necessary to entrust the care for one´s own life into the hands of the brothers or sisters and to recognize in them the sign of his presence and the mediators of his will.”

We pray for the new directors of the consecrated women, that God will bless their service and that they will be “signs of his presence and mediators of his will” for those in their centers. 




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