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Prayer in the Park
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Atlanta youth come together in prayer for the nation


Atlanta, GA – Atlanta’s Challenge and ConQuest members may be too young to vote, but they still found a way to get involved in the upcoming election, by organizing an afternoon of ‘Prayer in the Park’ for local youth and families to pray for the nation.

About 300 people attended the event on October 24, which included prayer, speakers, and music. Several speakers were featured, including 2 seniors from Pinecrest Academy, as well as Parkway Presbyterian youth minister Lance Cobb and others. They addressed the power of prayer and its importance for the election.

Their words were put into practice right then and there with an ‘open-mic’ moment of prayer for the nation. The speaking was interspersed with music provided by Br. Brother John Klein LC and the Parkway Presbyterian Youth band. 

“It was an important moment for the kids,” said consecrated member Maru Fernández, “Especially our club members who, even though they can’t vote this election, have the power of prayer; with that,
they CAN make a difference. It was moving to see Protestants, Catholics, dads, moms, kids, teens, all gather together to pray for the country and this coming election.”



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