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Heart of Mary, Hands of Martha
Regnum Christi women focus on their mission and support religious freedom at Regional Convention in Cincinnati

Cincinnati RC Convention

Cincinnati, Ohio -- Eighty-five women from Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio gathered in Cincinnati on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows this year to reinforce their Regnum Christi mission to bring about the Kingdom of Christ, as well as to support religious freedom through the America Code Blue campaign.

The theme of the event, which took place on September 15, 2012 at Royalmont Academy, was “Heart of Mary…Hands of Martha.”  Back by popular demand, this was the second such one-day conference held in the Greater Cincinnati area.

“Today is a day to step back and refocus ourselves to see with clarity our mission in life…our mission as women of the Kingdom!” said one of the event organizers Jamie Chmiel as the conference opened. “This mission is unique for each of us, and non-transferrable.  Women living a balanced life, who like Mary, spend time at Christ’s feet, but also like Martha, who serve others. Today we will take away some insightfully new ideas on not only how to live our mission, but how to love it, to be holy in the concrete circumstances of our life.” 

The conference began with Mass, and Eucharistic Adoration was available during the entire day. 

Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC addressed the conference attendees on how to “Love Your Mission.” Also speaking were Tami Kiser, author of Smart Martha´s Catholic Guide for Busy Moms
Fr. Brandenburg
Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC discusses how to "Love Your Mission"
and the founder of, and Rita Nader Heikenfeld, an award-winning syndicated columnist and cooking teacher and the founding editor of, who gave the audience a cooking demo and motivational talk.

Also, Fr. John Bullock LC gave a talk entitled ´True Freedom,” and then100 America Code Blue letters were handed out to those attending. The letters were signed, sealed and stamped with an American flag stamp and were promptly sent out to the Senators from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. The America Code Blue initiative is a protest against the HHS Mandate, which forces individuals and employers to purchase health insurance coverage for abortifacients and contraception, regardless of their religious beliefs.

One of the women who attended the conference said the event made her “realize that taking care of the kids and housework is so very important for your family, instead of looking at it as a burden or just another meaningless task. I am so glad that I went."



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