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Ten Years for His Greater Glory
Regnum Christi celebrates 10 years in the Philippines


By Amelia Alba

Manila, Philippines - On November 25th, the Solemnity of Christ the King, the Regnum Christi Movement of the Philippines celebrated its feast day and its 10th anniversary in a very special way.

A Mass held at the St. Joseph the Worker Chapel at the Meralco Complex was celebrated by 7 priests. Fr. Luis Garza was the main celebrant, joined by Fr. Jose Felix Ortega and the Manila-based Legionaries of Christ: Fr. Michael Shannon, Fr. Eric Nielsen, Fr. Duc Bui, and Fr. Hieu Ngyuen. The young men from Knights of the Altar assisted as altar servers at the Mass.

After the Mass, a crowd of 400 people made their way to a festive banquet hall, complete with themed tables that represented various Regnum Christi apostolates such as Everest Academy, Mano Amiga,
Challenge, Pure Fashion, Conquest, Knights of the Altar, Bistro 3846, etc.

Lunch began with a community blessing followed by a simple video presentation prepared by the young women´s team showing Regnum Christi history and highlights.

Finally, a special showing of the film For Greater Glory capped the celebrations. Popcorn flowed and spirits were high. It was an inspiring and well-spent day. The Regnum Christi movement of the Philippines has much to be thankful for, having grown by leaps and bounds within the last decade. This is a true testament to God´s Providence and faithfulness to his people who strive to love, build and serve the Church. Viva Cristo Rey!



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