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Father Alvaro Corcuera’s health

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We had thought that Father Alvaro’s health would improve with the sabbatical that he requested in his letter to the Papal Delegate on October 9. But, his headaches became worse while he was spending Christmas with the community in Cheshire. On December 30, he put his plans to visit other communities in the US on hold and went to the hospital in Hartford, CT.

The doctors found an abnormal growth in his brain. They are now conducting tests to determine its cause. It is possible that Father Alvaro will have to undergo an operation in the near future. Father Alvaro’s brother and sisters and extended family have been informed. Fathers Kevin Meehan and Jeremy Lambert will be with him for as long as the illness lasts. We will communicate the findings of the doctors as they are made known to us. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.



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