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Why We Worship
Video series launched on the meaning behind the Catholic Mass

The Mass video series

Ever wondered why we do what we do as Catholics in the Mass?  Want to be able to articulate this to others? 

A new series of online videos is being released to give easy-to-understand and easy-to-share information to answer those questions, beginning with the fundamental ideas behind the Eucharistic celebration such as covenant and sacrifice, and ending with an analysis of the individual parts of the Mass and the symbolism involved. 

Fr. Gregory Usselmann, LC, is hosting Why We Worship, a series of less-than-two-minute-long videos to answer “the questions of Catholics, young and old, who want to rediscover the beauty and meaningfulness of the Mass in a powerful way.” 

Go to the new website to see a promotional video about the series. You can subscribe to the series by clicking on the prompt at the end of the video.  New videos will appear on the website every Wednesday.  To go to Fr. Gregory’s Facebook page, click here. 



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