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CWM Provides a Helping Hand
Catholic World Mission partners with donors to make repairs to Mano Amigo school in Monterrey


Monterrey, Mexico -- Since Hurricane Alex brought its devastation to the Mexican east coast two years ago, a local school has been left open and unprotected. 

One of the walls of the Mano Amiga La Cima School in Monterrey was destroyed in the storm, and since then the school has been plagued by vandalism.  Catholic World Mission donors came to the rescue recently, providing money to repair and replace the wall and provide a protective fence. 

The renovations project will be a partnership between Catholic World Mission and matching donors.  The project will include providing protective fencing around the buildings, play yard and offices. The structure will stand three meters high, with the first meter constructed of cement and bricks.  A two-meter high fence will stand atop the cement foundation. 

Mano Amiga La Cima is one of three Mano Amiga schools in the Monterrey area, in the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon. The first Mano Amiga school opened in Mexico City in 1963 in response to financial, educational and social problems in that area. The system has succeeded in bringing positive momentum to struggling communities, providing high quality Catholic education to children in poor neighborhoods.  Building on a philosophy of love and faith in the human spirit, the schools have educated more than 21,000 children, with 85% of graduates going on to institutes of higher learning--many giving back to their communities. 

“The goal of Mano Amiga schools is to provide a safe haven and help families break the generational cycle of poverty through the solid foundation of Catholic education,” said Principal Gilberto Garcia Valenzuela. “We are grateful for the partnership we have with Catholic World Mission to help us achieve these
Fence needs repair
Mano Amiga students are shown here near fencing in need of repair. CWM and its donors will fund a renovation project to repair the school building and to put fencing around the buildings, play yard and offices.

He said, though they have not been able to keep items of value at his school such as computers and other equipment, the children “learn the old fashioned way, with good teachers and supplies they bring with them each morning.” 

 “We are committed to providing a peaceful atmosphere in which students can study and make a better future for themselves,” said Mr. Garcia. 

CWM Executive Director Rick Medina, visited the school last spring. “Once I saw the situation first-hand, I became committed to making the $30,000 project a reality,” he said. “The faculty, staff and families of Mano Amiga La Cima work tirelessly to provide children with the tools they need to build a better future for themselves and their communities. This school has been a very positive influence on the area and is a much-needed institution here. The construction of this fence represents the defense of hope for a better life for these students and communities.” 

Catholic World Mission has been an ongoing supporter of Mano Amiga schools since 1998. Within the past year, Catholic World Mission has provided full scholarships to 180 students in the 37-school system throughout Latin America and the Philippines. 

Catholic World Mission is a fund-raising organization supporting global projects within the pillars of education, evangelization, medical missions and disaster relief. Within the past year Catholic World Mission has provided famine relief in Africa, sponsorship of 60 missionaries in Mexico, and shipments of supplies for medical missions-- in addition to its work for Mano Amiga.  Catholic World Mission is a 501c3 religious non-profit organization sponsored by the Legion of Christ, offering 92% of every dollar raised to support missionary projects.  Go to  or to Catholic World Mission on Facebook for more information.



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