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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Lenten Journey Online
Mini-retreats and spiritual reflections to enhance your Lenten experience are just a click of the mouse, or a tap on your smartphone, away


Following is a compilation of four online offerings currently available to enhance your Lenten journey.  Fr. John Bartunek LC, Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC, and Fr. Scott Reilly LC, respectively, lend their wisdom to these selections. 

Fr. John Bartunek LC shares his thoughts on our Pope Emeritus in an enlightening webinar 

Fr. John Bartunek LC discussed the retirement of our now Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI during a webinar from Rome on Feb. 21, 2013.  As Regnum Christi members pray for the cardinals who will be discerning the election of the new pope, we can reflect on the thoughts from this enlightening webinar.  To listen, click here. 

Highlights of Fr. John’s discussion include: 

  • his experience and thoughts on the resignation of Benedict XVI as a priest living in Rome.

  • the climate of the Church in Rome during these events.

  • ideas for communicating with a secular world that does not understand the church but has its’ eyes focused on the Vatican now.

  • understanding the role of the media in all of this, including social media, blogs and traditional media.

  • the legacy of Benedict XVI, and what will he do next?

  • what this means for the Renewal process the Vatican is leading the Legionaries and consecrated through.

  • reflections on how to live this Lenten period leading up to the election of a new pope with the Church, and with faith. 

The podcast can be downloaded to share with RC members, family and friends at: 

Newest Retreat Guide helps “intensify the quest for Christ” 

“During Lent, the Church calls every one of us to intensify our quest for Christ,” said Fr. John Bartunek LC, about the latest retreat guide available from “Our latest retreat guide is a tool that will certainly help you do that.”  

Fr. John helps his listeners reflect on “The Colors of the Cross.”

  • The first, the brown color of the wood, helps us understand why Jesus chose to be crucified. 

  • The second, the red color of Christ’s blood, reveals the meaning of our own crosses. 

  • The third, the simple skin color of Christ’s humanity, gives us the secret to carrying our crosses faithfully and fruitfully. 

As with all the retreat guides at, participants can watch, listen to, or read the guides online or after downloading.  The retreats are designed for individuals or groups. 

Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC contributes to Discerning Hearts podcast about a discussion of book “Interior Freedom” 

The Discerning Hearts website is offering a podcast reflecting on a book that has been called a spiritual classic, Interior Freedom, written by Fr. Jacques Philippe.  Host Donna Garrett talks with Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC about this spiritual work by Fr. Jacques, a member an order founded in 1973 in France, Communaute des Beatitudes.  The contemplative association bases its spirituality on the Carmelites.  To listen, click on the following link: 

Fr. Scott Reilly’s latest reflections on prayer available on YouTube 

“Revamping Your Desires during Lent” is theme of latest offering from Fr. Scott Reilly LC in his YouTube series “Prayer Corner.”  Click here to help increase your “self knowledge.” Other topics in the series include: Spiritual Communion, Meditation Points, Finding Time to Pray, Composition of Place, Praying the Mass, and Dealing with Distractions.



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