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Logo Contest
Cana Family Institute holding contest to develop its new identifying graphic

Wedding Feast at Cana

A picture is worth a thousand words…at least that is what the organizers of the Cana Family Institute are hoping will be the result of a contest to develop a new logo for their organization. 

The Institute is calling all budding artists to try their hand at developing their new graphic.  And the winner will not only get bragging rights, but a prize of $200! 

“If you like to draw or create graphics and are looking for a way to use your talent, and you are passionate about the role of the family in our modern world, this contest is for you,” said Jeannine Backstrom, Cana Family Institute Executive Director. “We are looking for original art, and we will give the winner $200 if we use your artwork for the official Cana Family Institute Logo.  Anyone can enter, so spread the news!  You never know from where the next budding artist will emerge!” 

Members of the Institute suggest the art could be metaphoric in nature, with a possible theme for the logo being the miracle at the wedding at Cana, using the image of earthen water jugs, one into which water is being poured and the other tipped and pouring out wine. 

“We give God our humanity in marriage, and he makes it divine,” said Jeannine. “But we are open to other ideas as well,” she added. 

For more information or to enter, contact Karen Sester, or mail your entry to the Cana Family Institute, 9110 83rd Ave N, Suite 101, Brooklyn Park, MN 55445. The deadline to enter is May 1, 2013.



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