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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Br. John Klein LC releases first full-length album

Br. John and fans
Br. John Klein LC with the members of the St. Brendan's parish young group. St. Brendan's is in Cumming, Georgia.

Atlanta, Georgia -- About 200 people gathered on May 11, 2013 at Studio One, a live music venue on the campus of All Saints Parish in Atlanta, Georgia, to enjoy the music from a local seminarian. But this was not a typical concert. 

“An hour into the event, Fr. Jason Brooks LC processed in with the Eucharist and all the concert goers adored Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament for a full half hour right there in Studio One,” said the featured artist for the evening, Br. John Klein LC. “It was beautiful!”

The concert began with a 45-minute set of new songs from Br. John’s new album, which lead beautifully into a 30-minute time of adoration and heartfelt, prayerful music.  After adoration, the crowd got up off their knees and the music picked backed up again with a few crowd favorites before the evening concluded.

Such an event is typical of the music ministry of Br. John, who just released his first full-length album, FEARLESS, this week. The album can be downloaded or bought via CDBaby. (Download or order a physical copy of FEARLESS at

“The overall message of that night was, ‘Do not be afraid to seek God’s plan for your life,’” said Brother John. “He gives you everything and takes nothing away! Ask Him to show you the mission that He has called you too and how He wants you to put your gifts and talents at the service of spreading
His Kingdom.  In the face of our culture, be FEARLESS when it comes to living out your faith!”

During his early seminary studies, Br. John thought becoming a priest would likely mean giving up his love for music, but recent experience has shown him, as he says, “how God´s plan for our lives incorporates our deepest longings and dreams and uses all our gifts and talents!” 

Br. John had the privilege of performing during World Youth Day 2012 in Madrid, Spain for what he described as “a few thousand young people from all around the world,” and he frequently is able to share his music with young people during his ministry work in Atlanta. Br. John’s new album includes 13 songs featuring many of the young people from Atlanta that he says “God has placed in my path to serve and accompany.”  In fact, the front of the album pictures the male RC missionaries serving with Br. John in Atlanta, and two of the female RC missionaries stationed in Atlanta were featured during the album release concert.

His first short album titled Love is Brave was released about one year ago at this same time.  Click here for the previous story about that release. To download or order Love is Brave CDs go to

Those interested in orders of more than five CDs of his latest release, FEARLESS, or who are interested in supporting his ministry to evangelize young people through music, should contact Br. John via email at You can also follow Br. John on his Facebook page.



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