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The JOY of Catholic Living
New magazine for friends of the Legion and RC movement will arrive in June, 2013


A new magazine from the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi is publishing its inaugural edition for arrival to recipients next month.  Called The JOY of Catholic Living, the magazine will replace Le Cristo.

JOY will be mailed to donors and friends of the Legion of Christ and RC movement.  Director Rick Media said about 40,000 will be printed, with 30,000 for external consumption.

JOY is intended for both internal and external audiences,” he said. “For the internal audience, it is intended to share with them what everyone is doing. For the external audience, it is intended to show them who we are as a movement, what we do, and ultimately, to get them better integrated and connected with us.”

“The newsletter features heartwarming testimonials, faith-building programs, life-changing missions, and soul-stirring meditations,” said Fr. Shawn Aaron LC in a letter to RC localities. “Readers will be kept up-to-date on events and opportunities for all ages to serve and give glory to God.  People will enjoy reports about the lives of our seminarians and their ministry when they become priests – preaching the Gospel, bringing Christ through the sacraments, and meeting and ministering to people exactly where they are in society.  We will also be sharing the work of the consecrated men and women, the RC lay members, as well as supporters and benefactors of the RC Movement.  We hope to inspire readers with the many ways our members and supporters touch hearts and change lives through various apostolates around the country, as well as throughout the world.”

The benefits of the new magazine will include:

  • Publishing 6 times a year to allow for more up-to-date information.

  • A balance of news from all localities, the consecrated, seminarians, priests and RC laity, reflecting the broad reality of the RC family.

  • Promotion of upcoming events and programs, including more contact information and websites to encourage greater participation.  (Information can be sent to

  • A more convenient size for ease of distribution.

  • More easy-to-read articles and photographs.

Click here to see the new magazine now on the RC website.



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