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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Meeting of the Papal Delegate with Pope Francis
Cardinal De Paolis shares the issues they addressed together

©L’Osservatore Romano.
©L’Osservatore Romano.

Pope Francis received Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, Pontifical Delegate of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi, in an audience this Monday, May 27.  During the 45-minute meeting, Cardinal De Paolis updated Pope Francis on the different steps of the path that the Legion and Regnum Christi have undertaken.  He focused on his third year as Pontifical Delegate.

The Delegate and the Pope also spoke of the principle task entrusted to Cardinal De Paolis: guiding the congregation and elaborating the new constitutions of the Legion of Christ.  These constitutions will be presented to an extraordinary General Chapter which will be tentatively celebrated at the beginning of 2014.  The Chapter will also elect a new general government for the congregation.

Cardinal De Paolis told the Holy Father about the attention that he has given to Regnum Christi, which he describes as “a precious reality that enriches and complements the Legion’s field of action.”  He also spoke of the Consecrated Men and Women and the lay people committed in this Movement.

Finally, the Delegate informed the Pope that he foresees the need for a specific statute, or rule, for Regnum Christi that would regulate the life of the members and their relationship with the Legion.  This statute will also have to be approved by the General Chapter of the Legion, by the General Assemblies of the Consecrated Men and Women and by an Assembly of the entire Movement.

Of course, the whole outcome of the journey of renewal that Regnum Christi and the Legion of Christ have undertaken hand in hand with the Pontifical Delegate will be presented to the Holy Father, who will have the final say. 



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