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IRONMAN Contest Voting Needed
Through entry in the Kona Inspired video contest, Fr. Richard Sutter LC hopes to compete in the IRONMAN World Championship triathlon in October 2013 to raise awareness for military chaplains

Ironman video

Triathlon competitors come from all walks of life, including the Catholic priesthood.

Fr. Richard Sutter LC, who was an active tri-athlete prior to joining the priesthood, is hoping to compete in the World Championship IRONMAN competition on October 12, 2013 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

A former US Army Ranger infantry officer, Fr. Richard’s goal for this competition is to raise awareness for the service of military chaplains. Because of his own military service, he said, “I have the grace of experiencing firsthand the power and the impact of military chaplains.” 

He wants not only to create awareness for their service, but to inspire people to sponsor these chaplains financially.  He has entered a special contest through Kona Inspired, the Ironman foundation.  Contest winners will obtain entry into the 2013 IRONMAN World Championship triathlon and other prizes.

Ironman participant hopefuls create their own video to discuss their personal story and the cause for which they would be competing.  Participants are supposed to incorporate the IRONMAN mantra “Anything is Possible.” In his video filmed on Memorial Day this past week, Fr. Richard adds his own take to that mantra, saying, “With God, anything is possible.”

You can see Fr. Richard’s video and vote for it by clicking here.  Hurry!  The deadline to vote is June 3, 2013!

Fr. Richard asks everyone who can to post the video on their Facebook page or via Twitter. 

“It’s easy to do,” he said. “After voting at, click the Share button to right of voting button and forward video to Facebook, your email and Twitter contacts, etc.  The video needs thousands of votes, so every vote counts!  Entire families can vote, and there is no minimum voting age.  Thank you!”

May God bless your efforts, Fr. Richard!



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