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An Amazing Invitation
Retreat Guide on Sacred Heart of Jesus devotion available now at

The Sacred Heart

On June 7, 2013, the Catholic Church celebrates the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Pope Benedict XVI called the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus "irreplaceably important."  Pope Pius the XI called it "the very epitome of our religion."

Why is this devotion so central? And if it is, how are we supposed to tap into it and live it to the full? That is what this month´s retreat guide, Fire and Thorns: A Retreat Guide on the Sacred Heart of Jesus will explore. The meditations will ponder the "amazing invitation" at the core of the devotion, and dig deeper into the meaning behind the symbols that Jesus himself chose to associate with the devotion.

"In the conference section, we will review the tried and true practices that can connect us more intimately to Our Lord´s Most Sacred Heart," said Fr. John Bartunek LC, who leads the meditations.

As always, this retreat guide can be watched, listened to, or read - whichever helps make the retreat more prayerful.  Fire and Thorns: A Retreat Guide on the Sacred Heart of Jesus is available now at  Also, check out the Facebook page at



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