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Turn to Jesus (Article)

A Letter from the Representatives of the 1st and 2nd degrees to the members of Regnum Christi

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[Official Translation from the Spanish original]

Thy Kingdom Come!




Rome, June 9, 2013

“They devoted themselves with one accord to prayer with … Mary the mother of Jesus.” (Acts 1:14)

Dear friends and brother and sisters in Christ,

We, the representatives of the members of the first and second degrees of Regnum Christi from the various territories, have met in Rome to reflect together about our charism and vocation, as a part of the process of renewal that we are living, under the guidance of the Church.  Before returning to our homes, we would like to send a word to all of you in order to thank you for the support of your prayers, and in order to share some of the experiences we have lived these days. 

There were 38 of us in all, between 23 and 70 years-old and hailing from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Chile, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, Spain, the United States, and Venezuela.  We feel that our experience here together has been similar to what Pentecost must have been like: the wealth of diversity, the joy of being a united family, and the presence of the Holy Spirit that pushes us to share the love of Christ with all.

Fr. Sylvester Heereman, LC, our acting General Director, Jorge López and Gloria Rodríguez, the international leaders of the consecrated members of the Movement, accompanied us throughout these days.  We would like to thank them and those who work with them.

The first day, the Pontifical Delegate, Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, CS, visited us.  He wanted to get to know us and hear our personal experiences.  Afterwards, he gave a few words, in which we clearly saw his desire to help us rediscover the gift of God for each one of us and for the Church through our charism.  We would like to thank him and the Holy Father for giving us a true experience of the Church’s maternal care and concern.

Together, we shared the reactions that the members in our various territories had as regards the “Principles of the Regnum Christi Charism.”  We confirmed the elements that are essential to the identity of the lay members of the first and second degree of the Movement along with those that we share with the Consecrated Men and Women and the Legionaries.  

Likewise, we spoke openly about our weaknesses and those aspects that we can improve upon or change in our way of living out and presenting the vocation to Regnum Christ as well as the way of carrying out the mission as members of the Movement. 

We reviewed and reflected together upon the numbers of the Statutes of Regnum Christi approved by the Holy See in 2004 which refer to the lives of the members of the first and second degrees.  Above all, we addressed the following chapters: Nature, Mission and Members; Organization; Belonging; Formation and Spirituality.  In the discussions and frank exchange of ideas and experiences, we perceived the action of God, above all in the gradual convergence in our points of view.  As well, we noticed that there are aspects of our lives in the Movement about which we still need to discern more in order to discover what the Lord is asking of us. 

The following ideas resonated with all of us: Regnum Christi springs from a personal encounter with Christ’s overflowing and merciful love which moves us to transmit it to others; there is a common vocation which is shared by lay people, Consecrated Men and Women, diocesan priests and Legionaries of Christ.  The love of Christ urges us to want others to have this experience and that they too become apostles.  Each one of us is called to reach his or her own personal fulfillment in holiness and the apostolate, within his or her own state in life, to which our living of Regnum Christi should be oriented.  

During these days, we elected four members who will form a commission of representatives of the first and second degree to continue the work of elaborating our Statutes, with the conclusions of the meeting we just ended.  They will also be our representatives for the dialogue with the Pontifical Delegate and the central governments of the Consecrated Men and Women and the Legion in the elaboration of the General Statute of Regnum Christi.  They are Francisco Gámez (Venezuela), Kerrie Rivard (United States), José Antonio Lebrija (Mexico), and Lucia Hauser (Germany).  We thank them for their availability and we ask you all to pray for them.

The drafting of an updated Statute for the first and second degree members will begin in light of what we have addressed these days.  We still need to define a process, times and procedures that will allow for participation on the part of the members of the Movement.  This effort will form part of the journey of the whole of Regnum Christi and will be submitted to the approval of the Pontifical Delegate.

We have proposed that the General Director of the Movement call a specific meeting for the members of the third level of the second degree so that they themselves will be able to reflect on their own identity and state in life and, possibly, draft a specific proposal regarding this particular path in Regnum Christi.

Our Regnum Christi family in Rome took it upon themselves to accompany our work so that it could be a profound spiritual experience of communion, and not just a meeting of a technical nature.  We prayed together, especially in the Mass of the Sacred Heart, in which more than 70 Legionary priests concelebrated and some 400 Legionary brothers and Consecrated Men and Women joined us and the members of the Movement from Rome.  Saturday, memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we prayed the Rosary together in the grotto of Lourdes in the Vatican Gardens.  The meals in the houses of the Consecrated Men and Women and the Legionaries were also an opportunity to celebrate and share the joy and warmth that characterizes our family. 

We are aware that we are living a historic moment of renewal for Regnum Christi.  It is evident that this will come about, not so much because of the juridical words written in the Statutes, but because of the openness of each of us to grace and the love of God.  The degree to which we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in the midst of joys and trials, triumphs and difficulties, and to which we place our gifts at the service of the Church with simplicity, is the degree to which we will be able to look to the future with hope and optimism.

The time has come for us to return home.  We do so with our hearts full of joy and hope at having experienced that “The Almighty has done great things” (Lk 1:49) and that “His love is everlasting” (Ps. 135).  We would like to invite one and all to continue along this path together with our brothers the Legionaries and Consecrated Men and our sisters the Consecrated Women.  We would like to invite all of us to look beyond ourselves and reach out to those who are waiting for us to announce the love of Christ to them and to invite them to collaborate in extending his Kingdom.

Your brothers and sisters in Christ,

Adenilton Ferreira
Cecilia Leão
María Cecilia Saraiva Wilms
Santiago Montt
Rafael Marín
Gloria Alarcón
Mariela Etchehandy
Emilio Pou
Manuel García Polavieja
Belén Martín
Daniel Sada.
Sebastian Druch
Lucia Hauser
Edina Márki
Jacques de la Guillonnière
Riccardo Carrara
Adriana Restaino
Ida Giganti
Cecilia Badía
José Antonio Lebrija
José Labarthe
Denisse Abraham
Sofía Charles de Borja
Alfonso González Arocha
Marcelo Galas
Atala Alba de Barba
Mario Arturo Moreno
Francisco Herrera
Michael Williams
Rebecca Teti
Kerrie Rivard
Brenner LeCompte
Luisa Visani
Francisco Gámez
Viviana Venegas
Fabián Zuluaga
Kaira Leal
Virgilio Peña



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