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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Working together to strengthen our bonds of communion
Communiqué regarding the meetings of the central governments of the Legion of Christ and the Consecrated Men and Women of Regnum Christi and the commission for the First and Second Degree members of the Movement

Thy Kingdom Come!


Communiqué regarding the meetings of the central governments of the Legion of Christ and the Consecrated Men and Women of Regnum Christi and the commission for the First and Second Degree members of the Movement

The general councils of the Legion of Christ and of the Consecrated Men and Consecrated Women, as well as the commission for the First and Second Degree members met in Rome from July 18th to 20th to continue the work of drafting the Regnum Christi General Statutes.  This was the first time in history that we have had a meeting of this nature. We would like to thank one and all for their prayers and support. 

This meeting is one of the steps that the Pontifical Delegate has marked out on several occasions. Until now, each group has advanced “along its own path, seeking a clearer and more precise identity.” (Letter of July 11, 2012). The Legionaries are concluding the revision of the first draft of the Constitutions by holding Territorial Assemblies. The Consecrated Men and Women are revising their own Statutes. Four members of the First and Second Degrees constitute a Commission that is working on drafting their own statutes. This commission also represents the non-consecrated Regnum Christi members in meetings with the Pontifical Delegate and the central governments of the Legion and of Consecrated Men and Women. Now that the identities of the parts have been confirmed and are being reflected upon, the moment has come “to reflect properly about the instruments of government and administration that best correspond to the unity of the whole of Regnum Christi.”

All of us present in the meeting – Legionaries, Consecrated Men, Consecrated Women, members of the First and Second Degree – gratefully acknowledge the participation of each of the vocations in the same charism and our belonging to Regnum Christi, which we understand as a single reality of which all of us inseparably form part. As well, we set time aside to share what we are and what we hope to be for each other, to recognize what we have done well and done poorly and to express the desires and expectations we have towards the other members of the Movement.  We found important points we hold in common, recognized our differences and reaffirmed our will to walk together, well aware of our past and of the future that God opens for those who trust in him.

We asked ourselves what form of government would best safeguard the unity in spirituality and mission, at the same time respecting the diversity of vocations and states of life.  There is a general agreement that, besides the statutes proper to each branch, there must be statutes that are common to the whole Movement.  We agreed that there must be a common government to maintain our communion and ability for joint apostolic action.  We see the need of personal authority, moderated by a council in which the different parts would participate to make decisions regarding issues held in common, such as spirituality, apostolic mission and administration.

The Pontifical Delegate, together with Fathers Gianfranco Ghirlanda and Agostino Montan, visited us on two occasions, in which we presented the results of our reflections.  After listening to us, he himself pointed out our great desire for unity.  At the same time, he pointed out that difficulties come up from a canonical point of view and showed his desire to help us find a suitable solution for the reality we are in fact living already. He mentioned that we should continue searching for the ideal configuration of Regnum Christi, gradually advancing towards it. 

The Delegate instructed each branch to express its own identity within Regnum Christi and its relationship with the other parts in each one’s own statutes or constitutions. In addition, he asked us to draft a detailed text that explains the common identity and organization of the government of the entire Movement, in order to be able to study it with his counselors.  The members of the commission that will prepare this text are Fr. Sylvester Heereman, Jorge López, Gloria Rodríguez and Francisco Gámez.  Mary Patt Pirie and Fr. Gabriel Sotres will assist them as secretaries. We will meet again in September to review this text and turn it in to the Pontifical Delegate. He will then let us know the path to follow for its review and approval. This text will be eventually presented to the General Assemblies and the General Chapter. 

We return to our ordinary occupations trusting in the action of God and asking the Blessed Virgin to help us extend Christ’s Kingdom in society. 

Fr. Sylvester Heereman, LC, Fr. Deomar de Guedes, LC, Fr. Michael Ryan, LC, Fr. Juan José Arrieta, LC, Fr. Jesús Villagrasa, LC

Jorge López, Alberto García, Bernardo Pérez, Diego de Robina, Cristian Názer

Gloria Rodríguez, Mari Carmen Ávila, Luly Fernández, Mary Patt Pirie

Francisco Gámez, Kerrie Rivard, Lucia Hauser, José Antonio Lebrija



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