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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Defending the Kingdom
Those who answer the call to defend Arcatheos will help decide the fate of mankind!

Officers of Arcatheos
The legion officers of Arcatheos

In the realm beyond mortals lies the Kingdom of Arcatheos.  Its main gate is protected by the Arch-Lord Valerian. He rules over an ancient race known as the Duxarium, carrying out the will of a mysterious and powerful King.  Through him the most terrifying of enemies, Reth Malock, was shackled in chains, and imprisoned for a time in the great abyss.  If this dark menace and his legions of Droch minions were to pass through the gate of Arcatheos, the world of men would fall into darkness.  Thus, many of noble blood are summoned at times of greatest need.  Those who answer the call to defend Arcatheos will help decide the fate of mankind!

This is the setting of a unique boys camp in Canada called Arcatheos. The rustic medieval camp is affiliated with Conquest and Mission Network, initiatives of Regnum Christi.  It is located 45 minutes south west of
Boys in training at Arcatheos
Calgary, Alberta, near Turner Valley on the scenic ranch donated by benefactors Bill and Linda Britton. 

Founded in the year 2003, and previously known as Camp Rivendell, it has grown into one of the most exciting boys camps in North America.  As the Arcatheos website says, “What boy can resist the chance to draw his (foam and fiberglass) sword, or fire water balloons by catapult, against a menacing horde of evil villains?”

This year’s program took place from August 2-7, 2013.  Overseeing the camp were nine priests, including seven Legionaries, 45 dads, 15 young men, 35 teens (who also participated in a 4-day officer training program before camp), and 104 boys.

Everything in this camp is designed to inspire friendship with Jesus Christ and give boys an opportunity to encounter the great strength of their Catholic faith.  The boys train to be “soldiers,” undertaking a rigorous set of training objectives.  Dads
Aurelius is wounded at Arcatheos
During the Live Action Role Play, Aurelius, a leader of the Duxarium, is wounded in battle.
and college-aged young men assist in camp activities.  They are enlisted as an extension of the adult leadership, help prepare theatrical scenes, teach wilderness skills, help with mentoring and serving the boys, and participate in the action in “battle.”

The goal of the camp is to teach the boys virtue, following the ECyD methodology “Experiences, Convictions, and your Decisions.”  The boys then put their skills to the test with special designed “Live-Action Role Play.”

To sign up for the next camp, go to There is also a sister camp for Catholic girls called Captivenia.



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