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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Encouraging Progress and a Song
An update on Angela DiLaura

Angela and her family
Angela DiLaura (second from right) with her family

For you we’ve been praying on our knees,
Heaven come and wake you, please. 
Jesus send his angels from above,
to cover you in love, Angela….

These are words from a new song written by Br. John Klein about Angela DiLaura. (Br. John is a Legion of Christ seminarian currently stationed in Atlanta, Georgia.)

A graduate of the Immaculate Conception Program and Everest Collegiate High School, Angela was recently struck by a car while riding her bike.  She is recuperating at Mott Children’s Hospital at the University of Michigan.

Everyone’s prayers have definitely been heard by God, because the reports of her progress are very encouraging.  Here is the most recent update, written by Angela’s father, on the website:

Greeting Friends--

Another day of grace and healing for Angela. She has breathed on her own for an hour during two separate exercises, she has begun to move her head spontaneously, her lung condition is much improved, and she no longer needs her EEG or brain pressure monitored. She is now beyond the mortal risk of the first 10 days of her injury.

Thanks to all for your love and ongoing prayer for Angela--the Lord is glorified in all our trust in His Dominion, Providence and Faithfulness. May He have Mercy on us. May His loving will be accomplished in Angela and in all of us!

We would also like to thank Br John Klein, LC for writing and producing the ´Song for Angela´... A beautiful word to her and prayer for her healing.

And More good news...posted by Angela´s parents on 9/7/2013

Greetings on the Vigil of Our Lady´s birthday (and our 29th wedding anniversary!). We are very delighted to share more good news this morning. Angela is moving so much more than yesterday! She is pushing back in all 4 quadrants, repositioning her head and shoulders, showing awareness to people´s words. She opened her eyes half way and looked right into Tim´s eyes as he greeted her this morning!! Her neurosurgeon said that it is likely they will try to take out the breathing tube this weekend. She is breathing well when they let her do her hours of "sprints," solo breathing for an hour at a time. She will have an MRI today. They have begun physical therapy. We are certainly filled with gratitude!! We know the stream of prayers continue. May God be glorified. We are offering Angela´s sufferings today in union with Pope Francis´ call to pray and fast today for peace in Syria. Love to you all!!!




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