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Entrusting the School Year to God
Mater Ecclesiae College holds annual inaugural Mass

Mater Ecclesiae students

Greenville, Rhode Island -- Students, faculty, staff, and friends of Mater Ecclesiae College gathered for the annual inaugural mass on September 19, 2013, entrusting the 2013-2014 academic year to God’s hands, in gratitude for His continued blessings.

Fr. Frank Santilli, pastor of St. Philips’s Parish in Greenville, and a professor at Mater Ecclesiae College, was the main celebrant and homilist.  Fr. James Perez, LC, Mater Ecclesiae College chaplain, concelebrated.

Green vestments were laid out for the ordinary time weekday liturgy, but Fr. Santilli opted to celebrate the votive mass of the Holy Spirit. “I was thinking about wearing red today!” he said to the sacristan.

In his homily, Fr. Santilli emphasized the power behind the three words: “Come, Holy Spirit.”

“Those words are ones that God always hears and is very quick to answer. We can be sure that when we pray these words, the Holy Spirit comes.”

He referenced Mary, the Mother of God, as the “perfect God-bearer,” whose life was transformed by the action of the Holy Spirit. “She opened her life totally to God, and we can learn from her, as we feebly try to do the same a little more each day.”

“As we begin every good work here at Mater Ecclesiae College, let us remember that God works powerfully in these three words: ‘Come Holy Spirit.’ God takes them very seriously, and so must we.”

Mater Ecclesiae College currently has 27 full-time students, who are discerning Regnum Christi consecrated life or who have already made temporary promises of poverty, chastity, and obedience. There are an additional few enrolled in select courses who have already made their solemn renewal.

Come Holy Spirit…help us to know what is truly wise, and always rejoice in your consolation!



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