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Turn to Jesus (Article)

A Redesign of the RC Resource Center
Director Lucy Honner discusses the changes to the newly renamed RC Spirituality Center

RC Spirituality website
A quick look at the new website

Following is an interview with Regnum Christi consecrated woman, Lucy Honner, Director of the RC Spirituality Center, formerly known as the RC Resource Center.

What changes have been made to the Resource Center?

We recently changed our name, precisely because there was so much confusion about the nature and purpose of our work.  We are now called the RC Spirituality Center.  As you know, every Regnum Christi member hungers to integrate every dimension of their lives into their friendship with Christ - this is our traditional value of integral formation, a key element in our spirituality.  This spirituality is our specific path to spiritual maturity, or holiness – a path that, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, emphasizes certain aspects of the general, universal path of Catholic spirituality.  Our vision at the RC Spirituality Center is to produce and distribute complementary formation material that all RC members can use in responding to this interior invitation of the Holy Spirit.

How long have these changes been in the making?

The Center was given new impetus a year ago, in August 2012.  At that time Fr. John Bartunek, LC was assigned to this area as his main apostolate.  Then in January 2013, I was also assigned and am now the new Director of the RC Spirituality Center.  There is also another RC member on the team, Debbie Graspointner, who manages our web interface and many of our other logistical needs.  Soon after being given this assignment, Fr. Bartunek was relocated to Rome to work on the Legion’s Commission for the revision of the Constitutions, and this limited our production capacity for the first year.

That said, this year we have been able to produce a new resource, the online Do-It-Yourself Catholic Retreat Guides.  We have a library of nine Retreat Guides available right now at
RC Spirituality endorsements
Endorsements from RCSpirituality users are highlighted.
They are in multi-platform format: You can watch the videos, listen to the audio, read the PDF, use them as an individual, or use them as a group.  We have over a thousand users each month, but we are not sure how many of those users are Regnum Christi members.  So, if some of your readers are using it, please go to the website and let us know that you are an RC member by sending a feedback message and signing up for updates from  We have been extremely pleased with the feedback so far, but we need to know more clearly whether this resource is really helping RC members with their monthly retreats.

What are your objectives for the center?

We have two goals to achieve by September, 2015.  First, we want to begin publishing a book a year – books that contain and communicate (and further develop) our own RC Spirituality.  We want to create a library of books like these that can be used for meditation, spiritual reading, and for reaching out to non-RC members who are eager to grow spiritually and may feel attracted to our spirituality.  Fr. Bartunek has finished his first draft of a new book that we hope to release in the fall of 2014, at the latest.  It is a commentary on the Great Commandment of loving God with “all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength.” Right now, the working title is Seeking First the Kingdom: 30 Meditations on How to Christianize Every Corner of Your Life.

Second, we are extremely eager to create an online resource where new, as well as experienced RC members, can deepen their knowledge of the faith.  We envision a series of basic courses (the Catholic 100 series), and more advanced courses (the Catholic 200 series). We will build a library of these courses, ever expanding what we can offer to RC members for deepening their formation. This endeavor requires a lot of funds up front, but then we will have unlimited classroom “space” online, indefinitely.  If any of your readers are interested in helping support this exciting initiative, please have them email me, Lucy Honner, at

Are there other upcoming initiatives?

Since we have such limited resources at the moment, we are striving to make every product that we invest in "multi-purpose-able."  Our model for this is Fr. Bartunek’s earlier book The Better Part: A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer.  The bull’s eye of the target audience for that book was RC members.  But it was written in such a way that non-RC members can also find it helpful and enriching.  It was also written in such a way as to be a good tool of evangelization for RC members – they could hand it out to friends as a way of helping people come closer to Christ.  We want to do the same thing with all of the products in these first three years of getting under way.

For example, the online, Do-It-Yourself Catholic Retreat Guide has been used by some RC members as their own monthly retreat resource.  But others have used it as a spiritual formation tool in their parish, and even simply as an outreach tool – inviting a few couples over for dinner and a movie on Saturday night, but instead of a movie, you watch and discuss the Retreat Guide.  This is the kind of multi-purpose flexibility that we want all of our products to have.  We believe this approach is an excellent investment of our limited resources at this point.

We also have various initiatives in the works involving consecrated, Legionaries, and members of the movement.  For example, Fr. James Swanson, LC is going to be producing high quality study circle material on a regular basis.  Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC is heading up an initiative to create a Q&A resource on our website where RC members can send questions about faith, morals, liturgy, life in RC, etc.

We have buckets and buckets of “someday-maybe” ideas as well, but our personnel and financial resources are extremely limited right now, so we are trying to keep our goals modest, to avoid dispersion.

How can RC members make best use of the Resource Center?

Simply keep up-to-date on the products we are offering, check them out, and make use of whichever ones resonate with your own spiritual and formational needs.  You can keep up-to-date if you simply visit, and register there to receive our emails (check the box that says you are an RC member).  Right now, our only product is the Do-It-Yourself Catholic Retreat Guide, so you will have to be patient in waiting for announcements of new products and services coming soon!



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