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Researching Rare Books
Brother Randall Meissen, LC awarded visiting research fellowship at Yale

Br. Randall Meissen, LC
Br. Randall Meissen, LC

Brother Randall Meissen, LC, currently a Latin professor for the Philosophy Department at the Athenaeum Regina Aposotolorum in Rome, Italy, has received a visiting research fellowship at Yale University’s rare book library.  The highly competitive Beinecke Fellowship program, open to university professors and post-doctoral researchers from around the world, encourages research on manuscripts held in Yale’s rare book and manuscript collection.  Twenty-six researchers were selected for this year’s prize.

Among the manuscripts that Br. Randall is researching are a 12th century book on the lives of the saints from Toledo, Spain, a 12th century homily collection from Zaragoza, Spain, and an odd 15th century work of Italian origin entitled “De cognitione habita apud demones” where the devil engages Christ on the cross in a philosophical debate regarding God’s right to redeem humanity.

Yale has one of the world’s largest libraries, and the second largest academic library in North America, with over 12.5 million volumes.  The Beinecke Rare Books Library houses approximately 500,000 volumes.

Br. Randall received his degree in Biology and Classics from Rice University (1999-2003) and bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Regina Apostolorum (2006-2008).  He received a master’s degree in Latin from the University of Florida (2010-2012).  He has published a book,
Yale rare book library.
The exterior of the Yale Beinecke Library.
Living Miracles: The Spiritual Sons of John Paul the Great
(2011) and a textbook Scholastic Latin: an Intermediate Course (2012).



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