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Tri-State Women´s Convention 2013
Sixty-five women gather in the Cincinnati, Ohio area to get “Back to the Basics”

Back to Basics

Mason, Ohio -- Sixty-five women from all across the Tri-State area (Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky) gathered last month to participate in their annual Regnum Christi Women´s Convention held this year in Mason, Ohio.  With the theme "Back to the Basics: Memory and Identity," the sessions of the day highlighted the key elements of the call to join the RC movement. 

"The ladies were so grateful for the opportunity to come together and share their vibrant faith with other RC members,” said Section director Jamie Chmiel.   “A convention such as this gives the added support we need to stay strong in our conviction for the need to evangelize. I can´t tell you how many ladies told me ‘This was exactly what I needed’."

Consecrated woman Julie Damon started the day off with her segment entitled, "Prayer: The Interplay between Talking and Listening." She focused on understanding and relating to God through the human heart from a uniquely feminine perspective.

Fr. John Bullock, LC, presided over the Mass, offering the women several reflections on their vocation within the Church.  With both Legionary and consecrated communities joining the women for the liturgy, the Mass was a special experience of the Regnum Christi “family.”  Following the Mass, several women spiritually "adopted" a priest “son” to pray for during the coming year.

During lunch the women took the opportunity to "catch up" with friends from previous conventions.  Each woman had been invited to pack a “fun lunch” to give to a friend during the retreat, and
Tri State Convention
four special lunches were auctioned-off in support of the consecrated women in Cincinnati.  RC member Teresa Peach acted as live auctioneer for the event.

During the afternoon, Section Director Fr. Daniel Brandenburg, LC, led a discussion on the changes taking place during the RC renewal process, followed by a brief segment on "Practical Means of Evangelization" from RC member Louise Karas.  Fr. Daren Weisbrod, LC, gave a lively and engaging presentation called "Recognizing the Vocation."  Finally, long-standing member Janet Lees concluded the convention speaking on the topic "Where Charity and Love Prevail, There God is Found."

Women then gathered with their husbands for a "wine-and-cheese" social hour, followed by dinner. Fr. Daniel offered a "State of Regnum Christi Address," further outlining the stages of the RC renewal process.



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