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Virtue Makes You Beautiful
Pinecrest young men do their own version of viral video on modesty

Pinecrest boys video

Cumming, Georgia – Pinecrest young men want the young women at their school to know one thing – virtue is beautiful.  And they are saying so in a new video.

In early fall, 2013, a video from the young men at Lone Peak State High School in Utah went viral, popular enough for Catholic chastity speakers Jason and Crystalina Evert’s website.  (It even made some secular news.) The song, Virtue makes you Beautiful, is a remake of the hit from boy band One Direction called That’s what Makes You Beautiful.

Now the students at Pinecrest Academy have made their own version, and according to Vivian Heard, Communications Coordinator for the school, it has gone a bit viral on its own.  As of the last week of October, 2013, it has more than 13,100 views and about 250 shares from the Pinecrest Facebook page. 

Vivian saw the Lone Peak State version online and shared it with some co-workers, saying she wished Pinecrest students could create something like this. “I never followed up nor offered my services!” she said.  “Long-time Pinecrest mom Laurie Flanigan had seen it, too, and took the initiative to gather a group together to make the project happen.” 

Laurie enlisted the help of Pinecrest dad, Dennis Ehle, who designed and launched the Pinecrest sports web site,, and creates the school’s “pump up” videos for football.  With the help of choreographer and Pinecrest mom, Kim Bass, and 12 athletes, scholars and student leaders, they
Pinecrest video
put together the video in just two days. 

“When I met with the guys explaining what the project was, I told them that this message can´t just come from the parents.  It needs to come from the men!  I told them it was time to ‘man up’ and speak clearly to the young ladies and tell them what they need from them,” said Laurie Flanigan.  “I was so proud to see all of them raise their hands when I asked who was in!”
Despite less than perfect weather on the first day of shooting and a low battery on the video equipment on the last leg of the shoot, “lots of prayers to the Holy Spirit,” culminated in a successful wrap late on the final day.
The team of young “producers” unveiled their video to the high school students -- with an introduction especially for the young ladies -- during Pinecrest’s Homecoming pep rally.  That afternoon, the communications department posted the video on the Pinecrest Facebook page.  And the rest is history.  Good job Pinecrest!



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