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A Logo Recognized and Waited For...
Paola Treviño and Fr. Michael Mitchell LC discuss Mission Youth Missions on Spirit Catholic Radio

The Mission Youth T-Shirt
A logo that is recognized and waited for...

Missionary leaders Fr. Michael Mitchell LC and Regnum Christi consecrated woman Paola Treviño were interviewed on Spirit Catholic Radio, 102.7 FM, in Omaha, Nebraska, on the morning show on Thursday, November 7, 2013.

Paola is the National Director of Mission Youth and Fr. Michael is a Mission Youth Chaplain. Also joining them during the interview to give testimony of her experience on a recent mission trip to Haiti was RC member Donna Garrett, parishioner from St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church in Omaha.

To listen to them discussing how Mission Youth is helping “the suffering Christ” throughout the world, go to the following
A Haiti group
Fr. Michael Mitchell LC (back row, left) with a group of missionaires in Haiti.
website link and select the date 11-07-13.

Paola discussed how the Mission Youth cross logo is now widely recognized in the areas of the world they visit, such as Mexico and Haiti.  “You can see the reaction of the patients and young people,” said Paola. “They are waiting.”

What are they waiting for?  Love and a smile, she explained.  When Paola started her work with Mission Youth, she said she had “big dreams” to make big changes, but soon learned that where the missionaries could have the most impact was in the “little moments.”

“We are going to change one day’s life of one child,” she said. “You can change one heart at a time with a smile.”

For more information on a mission trip with Mission Youth, go to



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