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Mission Trip to Nicaragua
Young men and women and their parents invited to help bring hope to one of the poorest countries in Central America

Nicaragua Mission
Image from the Mission Flyer

One of the traditional Legion of Christ “territories” for mission trips is Nicaragua, and the third annual mission to this country is planned for August 20-26, 2014. 

Br. David Barton LC has been helping to organize the mission trip, along with Fr Joshua West, LC, who is stationed in the San Jose, California area. 

“For the past two years that we have held this mission trip, it has been a life changing experience for all of the high-school boys and girls who have attended, and also for me,” said Br. David.

The retreat is offered for young men, and a separate retreat for young women, high-school age and above.  Mothers and fathers are also welcome to attend.

According to the mission trip promotional flyer, Nicaragua is “one of the safest, yet poorest countries in Central America.” Mission participants will work on building projects to provide shelter to those in need, and to help bring hope to local residents.

The cost to attend is $300 plus airfare.  The fee includes meals, transportation while in Nicaragua and lodging.  The registration deadline is January 31, 2014.  To register, click here.

For more information on the boys’ trip, contact Br. David at  For more information on the girls’ trip, contact Lisa Lively at



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