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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament in the heart of the Big Apple

Adoration at St. Patricks Cathedral NY
"He is the actual host of the evening, who invites everyone to come to Him."

Mario Bruschi, a Regnum Christi member in Manhattan, shares his experience with us about “Nightfever,” an apostolate from Germany that he brought to New York with the help of the Archdiocese.  The event took place in St. Patrick’s Cathedral in downtown.

What is Nightfever?
Nightfever was founded in Cologne, Germany after World Youth Day 2006. The idea is to keep the "fever" of faith going strong.  It is now in many cities across Germany and Europe including London.  Here in the US, it is in Sacramento, Chicago, and now in New York City. 

During Nightfever, we have a team of
Sisters of Life helping to invite
The Sisters of Life help to invite people to St. Patrick's Cathedral
missionaries go out to the streets and squares in the city and invite people to come to the Cathedral.  Everyone is welcome to get a taste of what it is like to be in the church, even if it is just for a few minutes. Those who accept this invitation are free to enjoy in whatever way they prefer.  And we invite Catholics and non-Catholics.

At Nightfever, Jesus Christ himself is present on the altar in the Eucharistic host.  In fact He is the actual host of the evening, who invites everyone to come to Him.

People receive a candle at the entrance of the church to light at the stairs leading to the altar. This candle symbolizes their prayer intentions, no matter whether they are joyful or thankful, or whether they are grieving, feeling afraid or simply upset.  And even when they leave the church, this candle will continue to
Lighting candle for prayer intentions
burn for them. 

By simply being there, people are invited to enjoy the peace and quiet, to get things straight in their mind and to pour out their heart before God.  Music is playing, and volunteers are singing throughout the whole time to create a quiet atmosphere that helps one to contemplate in prayer and to find inner peace.
How did you have the idea to do this in NYC?

I met Eva Greitemann, a young Catholic from Cologne, Germany, here in New York City.  Eva is here for an internship at the United Nations.  She is part of the organizing committee for Nightfever in Cologne.  She told me about it, and I was impressed.  After seeing pictures and viewing the website ( I knew that we needed to do this in NYC.  So I contacted Fr. Bob Bubel, a parochial vicar at St Patrick’s Cathedral, about doing it there.  He spoke to the rector of the Cathedral, and we got permission.

Can you share any experiences from the NYC Nightfever?
The night of November 1, 2014, was amazing.  The street missionaries gave out 1,500 tea candles.  We had about 800 people visit the Cathedral for adoration and prayer.  The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal and New Name Ministry provided such moving music for all of us.  The music provided the background for the night, as people entered a dark Cathedral, illuminated by the candles from the main altar.  The Blessed Sacrament was indeed the star of the night, with a spotlight shining on it so people would know that Jesus is present and He welcomes us. 
We had 7 priests to hear confessions from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, and the lines for confession were long. 

Following are two testimonies from people who were there.

-I just wanted to take a moment to write and tell you I attended the Nightfever at St. Patrick’s earlier tonight.  I was there for the entire evening and was incredibly moved by the experience.  After lighting a candle and placing it at the altar, I found an unoccupied pew off to
In Adoration
one side, closed my eyes and just absorbed the music and messages.  I was moved to tears on several occasions, and I can´t verbalize why.  It was a deeply personal and yet communal experience. 
So thank you very much for putting this beautiful night of worship together.  It is my sincere hope you do this again in NYC.  I will definitely attend.  God bless…

-This is the girl you met tonight in front of the St. Patrick´s Cathedral.  I am writing to thank you again since you made a chance for me to reconfirm my faith in God.  Sorry that I was a little bit upset tonight because a lot of things happened recently, and I was doubting whether Jesus is still taking care of me. Since I am an international student, there are a lot of policies for me to follow if I want to get a job or stay in the U.S, and I was frustrated by those issues.
However, when I was walking on the street and hesitated where I should go, you came to me and led me to God again. I remembered when I walked into the Church with you, and at that moment I heard the song. Even though I had no idea of the song, I heard the words…it was like “come back to me”...... I looked at you and it felt so touching. That´s why I said you were an Angel from God, and led me back to Jesus. Also, you made me know that God is always with me, and never abandons me.  Thank you so much! May God bless you.



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