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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Providence Diocese holds event to close the Year of Faith
MEC Choir sings at Eucharistic Congress in Rhode Island

MEC Choir at Eucharistic Congress

Providence, Rhode Island – The Mater Ecclesiae College Choir sang as part of the Mass during the recent Eucharistic Congress for the diocese of Providence, Rhode Island.  On November 15 and 16, 2013, the Diocese of Providence sponsored the event entitled “The Eucharist: A Mystery to be Believed, Lived, and Proclaimed.”

“A Eucharistic Congress is surely a privileged and graced moment for our Diocese,” said Regnum Christi consecrated woman Deb Bauer, President of Mater Ecclesiae. “I had the privilege of working on the Evangelization Committee for the diocese and this was the diocese’s wrap-up event for the Year of Faith. 

“We are honored to have been involved in serving and supporting the Church at this event,” she said. “It was a beautiful reflection of the power of Christ’s presence in the Eucharist. I was impressed by the number of young people who attended.  It shows that the Church is alive and awake in Rhode Island.  I hope we can offer a similar event again.”
Held at St. Pius V parish in Providence, the Eucharistic Congress included a special evening Friday for youth, young adult groups and families.  The evening featured praise and worship music, a keynote presentation and “Taize” meditative prayer.  The parish also hosted Eucharistic adoration throughout the night, and students and faculty from Mater Ecclesiae College participated.

On Saturday, the program began with a 7:30 a.m. Eucharistic procession, including about 100 participants, from St. Pius V to the St. Dominic Chapel at Providence College.  Rev. James
Eucharistic Congress Mass in Providence, RI
St. Pius V parish in Providence, Rhode Island, hosted the diocesan Eucharistic Congress.
Cuddy, Chaplain of Campus Ministry at Providence College, was the keynote speaker for the day.

“He invited us to be both ‘contemplative and conquering’ like Martha and Mary in the Gospels,” said Regnum Christi consecrated Julian Frommling.  “He spoke about the need to spend time in front of Christ in the Eucharist and how that should then lead us to go out and give Him to others.”

Workshops on the Eucharist and various other topics, some held in Spanish as well as English, followed.  The event concluded with a noon Mass celebrated by Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, who worked with the diocese to organize the event.

“In his homily, the Bishop mentioned how through his life, the one thing that has been constant is Christ’s presence in the Eucharist,” said Julian. “He invited us to reflect on the role of the Eucharist in our lives and to live with gratitude towards this great gift that Christ has given us of himself.”

Emily Gray, who is in the initial stage of discerning consecrated life in Regnum Christ, said she was impressed with what she called the “great a family” we all have in the Church.  “It was beautiful to see the diversity among her members with different races, backgrounds, charisms, associations and orders all united in the Eucharist. It was a time for everyone from to come together to renew our love for Christ in the Eucharist and thank him for the gift of himself!  Everyone had a part to play which made it
Eucharistic Procession in Rhode Island
more of a family event.  It was a uniting experience that I will never forget!"

“The Eucharistic Congress was a powerful blessing in my life!” said Taniele Tucker, a consecrated woman attending Mater Ecclesiae. “I witnessed the light of Christ shining brightly through everyone I encountered at the Congress.  What a blessing to be fed together, as a larger community, beyond the zones of our parishes and to celebrate He in whom we are all united - Jesus in the Eucharist.”

Victoria O’Donnell, who recently made her temporary promises as consecrated women in Regnum Christi, said, "The Eucharistic Congress was beautiful. Friday night in particular struck me, because during the time that Jesus in the Eucharist was being processed around the church, I realized how powerful His real Presence is in the life of the Church.  It is Jesus Christ in the Eucharist that unites all of us, that makes us brothers and sisters who are called to be responsible for one another.”

“In all it was a great experience for all the participants,” said Julian. “A moment to truly renew love for the Eucharist and discover how the Eucharist can have a more prevalent role in daily life.  Pray that many fruits will come from this Eucharistic Congress in the Diocese of Providence, and that throughout the Church there may be an increase of devotion and love for Jesus Christ in the Eucharist.”

To learn more about presenters, workshop titles and more during the diocesan event, please visit and click on Events.



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