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More User-Friendly Website Launched
U. S. A. | WHO WE ARE | NEWS offers new and improved online resources

RCSpirituality logo

RC Spirituality has launched a redesigned website at

“Our website is still as functional as ever, but now offers more services,” said Lucy Honner, Director of the Regnum Christi Spirituality Center. 

One of the newest features at the website is the "Ask A Priest" interactive column, where participants can ask questions about anything regarding the Catholic faith.  The service is available to those who subscribe to the e-newsletter as well as to visitors to the website.

The redesigned site now gives the RCSpirituality staff more information about its users and their needs and interests.  Visitors will find easy-to-use links to social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and can also sign up for updates to learn more about future developments.

“As always, RCSpirituality welcomes feedback from its users, and the new website makes it easy to send in comments and topic suggestions,” said Lucy.

Retreat Guides are now available in an easier-to-use format.  The newest is “Starlight: A Retreat Guide for Advent on the Three Wise Men." You can view the introduction HERE. You will also find the first-ever Retreat Guide “You Matter: A Retreat Guide for Advent” at

“Help spread the word about our online retreats with our new commercial,” said Lucy. “Please share it!”



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