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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Founder of IPS Retiring
Dr. Gladys Sweeney to retire from the Institute for the Psychological Sciences at the end of the school semester

Dr. Gladys Sweeney
Dr. Gladys Sweeney

Following is a statement from Dr. Gladys Sweeney, founder and dean of the Institute for the Psychological Sciences.

As my retirement from the Institute for the Psychological Sciences approaches, I have been asked to give my reflections on the Institute and its mission.  After 13 years of operation, it has become manifestly clear to me that the Institute has been the work of God from its inception.

As the inspiration took shape in 1997, I did not appreciate the tremendous impact on today’s society of the mission of IPS in forming Catholic psychologists. Psychologists who are not afraid to practice their vocation to heal in correspondence with the truth about the human person.  Catholic psychologists who understand the transcendent nature of their clients -- clients who are searching and thirsting for the love of God and others because they have not experienced it in their lives.

I think the most important task of the Institute is to take seriously the formation of clinical psychologists who are called to free the wounded clients who consult them from addictions, obsessions, compulsions, and various disorders so they can live their lives grounded in the truth about themselves.  This truth is that no matter what they have done, or have suffered, they were created out of love and redeemed by love, and there is nothing that will take that away.  Their very existence has been willed by a loving God and He awaits them to spend eternity with them. 

Viewing therapy this way, the therapeutic encounter
Dr. Sweeney in the classroom
In the classroom at IPS
could not possibly be considered as random, but providential, and the therapist is seen as an instrument of healing who helps polish the beautiful diamond inside the person who comes to them for healing.  This diamond is the Imago Dei, that needs to be transformed from carbon to its shining state.   When treated with such dignity, patients begin to flourish, and not just rid themselves of the symptoms.  They learn that the past does not determine them, and they are given their humanity and freedom.

Even if they are agnostic or atheist, the natural law is written in their hearts and they desire to seek the good and avoid evil.  The Catholic psychologist understands this need and helps them recognize, accept and eventually give genuine love, which many have not known in their lives. 

God has blessed IPS with many gifts. Among them an outstanding faculty, bright, faithful and committed students, a dedicated staff and regional accreditation for the next ten years.  God will continue to bless it abundantly under the direction of the Legionaries of Christ.  I’m grateful that God has given me the opportunity to serve  Him in this wonderful mission and to see already the fruits of this apostolic endeavor.  IPS alumni and students are bringing hope to many, including Holy Mother Church.

May God grant IPS continued graces and blessings for many centuries to come!

Thank you, Dr. Sweeney, for your wonderful service. 




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