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The Potential of a Seed
Short video suggests how to answer teens vocation queries

Megan McCleneghen video
In a new YouTube video, Megan McCleneghen discusses nurturing one's vocation.

A short YouTube video featuring Regnum Christi consecrated woman Megan McCleneghen attempts to answer a common question from young people.  In just over three minutes, she explains how to nurture one’s vocation.

Megan serves as program coordinator for youth ministry at St. Ignatius of Loyola in Spring, Texas, and she says teens and young adults ask her regularly how to discover what God wants them to do with their life.  With the help of the parish staff at St. Ignatius, Megan put together this video, discussing how vocations are like “seeds” that need care and nurturing to grow into the “tree” they are destined to become.

“This video came together through talking with a lot teens and young adults about God´s plan for their life," said Megan. "I found that using the image of a seed resonated with a lot of them and after talking with one of the guys that I work with at St. Ignatius, he suggested we film it.

“It also happened that the archdiocese was starting a new program called ´Good morning Vocations.´ It´s a live talk show that focuses on vocation promotion.  We used this video as one of the segments for the show.”

Click here to see the video, and after you watch it, please share it!



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