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New General Director of the Consecrated Women
Gloria Rodríguez elected general director of the consecrated women of Regnum Christi

New government for the consecrated women
The new government of the consecrated women with Cardinal Velasio De Paolis and Fr. Agostino Montán. From left to right: Paula Errázuriz, Cristina Danel, Mari Carmen Ávila, Fr. Montán, Gloria Rodríguez, Cardinal De Paolis, Viviana Limón and Denise Funke.

Rome, Italy – Gloria Rodríguez has been elected general director of the consecrated women of Regnum Christi for the next six years.

Gloria is 38 years old and from Madrid, Spain.  She studied psychology in the Complutense University of Madrid and has been consecrated for 15 years.

The new leadership team she heads has a median age of 44 years of age and 18 years of consecration, and is composed of five councilors and a general administrator, all with graduate degrees. The general director and the five councilors constitute the first governing body that the Regnum Christi consecrated women have elected for themselves, through the General Assembly and through a participative process.  The new government will be in charge of advancing the renewal process over the next six years.

Upon accepting the service entrusted to her, Gloria expressed her gratitude to the team of councilors which has collaborated with her since 2012.  She said she is happy with the new team configured in the Assembly, and shared with those present that what she has in her heart in this moment are all the consecrated women of Regnum Christi in the world.

The other members of the new leadership team were also elected for a period of six years from among the consecrated members.  Requirements for those elected included that they must be at least 35 of age, with at least 5 years of consecration after making their definitive promises.

They five new general councilors are:

  • Paula Errázuriz (Chile, age 49, 24 years of consecration)
  • Viviana Limón (Mexico, age 35, 11 years of consecration)
  • Mari Carmen Ávila (Mexico, age 54, 29 years of consecration)
  • Denise Funke (Canada, age 42, 21 years of consecration)
  • Cristina Danel (Mexico, age 46, 12 years of consecration)

The general administrator is Beatriz Pimentel (Venezuela, age 41, 19 years of consecration.)

This election is an important step in the renewal process initiated by the Holy Father.

Marilú Rodriguez, one of the 42 delegates of the Assembly, explained the purpose of the process is “to elect a government that in the next years will help us to continue going deeper into our identity and that will guide us on the path that we have begun is the first decision we take as an association. It is a collegial act, an expression of maturity and responsibility.”

The Assembly has been working since December 2, 2013, to review the situation of the consecrated women through general and territorial reports. The participants have revised most of the draft of the new Statutes, developed through a participative process that has taken a year and a half. The Statutes express what consecrated women are and who they wish to be.  It is the text that guards and legislates the charism and the distinctive elements of the identity of consecrated women of Regnum Christi, as well as the most important expressions or applications of governance, rule of life, incorporation, formation and the evangelical counsels.

Gloria Rodríguez´s principal mission as general director will be to direct the Association to be faithful to its charism and accomplish its mission in the Church. In her work she will be supported by the general council, and work in communion with the Legionaries of Christ, the lay consecrated men and the non-consecrated laity.

The Assembly will now revise and approve the draft of the new Statutes, and other documents, such as the rule of life or a proposal of the elaboration of the Ratio Formationis (formation process).

As of November 15, 2013, according to the data presented at the General Assembly, there are 630 Regnum Christi consecrated women in the world, of which 26 are in a period of formation.

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