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Turn to Jesus (Article)

"God is with us and still trusts us"
New Legionary priests, communities and teams in Rome attend the general Wednesday audience with Pope Francis

Pope Greets ECyD Members
Pope Francis greets members of ECyD in Rome.

On Wednesday, December 18, 2013, the 31 new Legionary priests who were ordained on December 14 came with their families to attend the Holy Father’s catechesis during his general audience before thousands of the faithful present in St. Peter’s Square. The Legionary communities and consecrated members in Rome were also present, as well as a group of 30 ECyD members who were in Rome for the priestly ordinations after participating in an international convention for team leaders in Madrid.

Before beginning the audience, Pope Francis rode around St. Peter’s Square in the popemobile. At various moments, he stopped to bless a child.  When he came to the ECyD team leaders, he got down from the popemobile to greet them up close. 

During his audience the Holy Father invited all those present to “reflect on the Nativity of Jesus, the feast of trust and hope, which overcomes all insecurities and pessimism.” He said, “The reason for our hope is this: God is with us and God still trusts us! Think about this: God is with us and still trusts us!”
The Pope pointed out two lessons to be learned from contemplating the mystery of Christmas:

“The first is
Gloria Rodriquez and Pope Francis
Gloria Rodriguez, the general director of the consecrated women, and Bernardo Perez, the general councilor of the consecrated men, greeted the Holy Father.
that at Christmas God reveals himself to us not as one in the heavens who dominates the universe, but as one who lowers himself. God lowers himself, descends to earth, little and poor; this means that to be like him we cannot place ourselves above others, but lower ourselves, place ourselves at the service of others, make ourselves little and poor, like the poor. It is an ugly thing when
Consecrated women at papal audience
Members of the RC consecrated women in the audience at St. Peter's Square.
we see a Christian who does not want to humble himself, who does not want to serve, who parades himself everywhere. It’s ugly! This is not Christian, this is pagan! The Christian serves and humbles himself! We do this so that our brothers and sisters will never feel alone!”

“The second consideration: if God, through Jesus, has involved himself with man to the point of becoming one of us, that is to say that whatever we do to a brother or sister, it is as if we have done it to him. We have remembered the same Jesus: whoever has fed, welcomed, visited, loved one of the most humble and poor among men, it is as if the same has been done for the Son of God. “

After the catechesis the Pope addressed the Legionaries and Regnum Christi members who were present in the audience together with other pilgrims:

“In a climate of serene expectancy, characteristic of these next days before the feast which celebrates the coming of God among men, I am pleased to greet with affection the Italian-speaking faithful. In particular I greet...the community of the Legionaries of Christ and their new priests, the consecrated men and women of Regnum all I exhort you to live with greater intensity the task of prayer and good works, so that the Christmas season will fill your hearts with the
Proudly holding our LC RC logo
Members of the Legion of Christ hold a flag with the movement's logo.
true joy which only Christ can give.”

At the end of the audience Gloria Rodriguez, the general director of the consecrated women, and Bernardo Perez, the general councilor of the consecrated men, greeted the Holy Father. The Pope asked that the members of the Regnum Christi movement sustain him with their prayers.




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