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Turn to Jesus (Article)

“I Am So Very Grateful”
An interview with Gloria Rodríguez

Gloria Rodríguez
Gloria Rodríguez

Gloria Rodríguez was born in Madrid, Spain, and is the third of six children. Her parents, deeply Catholic, nourished them with the faith and Gospel values. The family atmosphere was always characterized by joy, a healthy strictness and a lot of tenderness between everyone. She does not remember any instance of fighting or coldness between them. When Gloria was 8 years old the family moved into a new house. Her parents sought out a Catholic school where they could send their children, and they chose Everest Monteclaro. This is how they met the Legionaries of Christ; since then, Regnum Christi has been part of her family life. Gloria was in ECYD and in the young women’s section of the movement. Here she learned to speak with Jesus in a natural and very close way. She thought that this kind of relationship was normal until she went to college and realized that many others had not experienced this. 

1. If this were a job interview, how would you describe yourself?

I am responsible and dedicated. I have the capacity to listen, to dialogue, to welcome different ways of working. I consider myself flexible, and I am very interested in others.  I enjoy teamwork.  I also have a clear and precise mental structure.

2. When you were little, what did you dream of being?

A mother with a lot of kids.

3. Tell us something that has changed in you, or in your vision of our life, during this year we dedicated to the revision of the Statutes.

There is so much! I am so very grateful.  This has been what has stayed with me the most during this time. We have very holy and strong women, and this has impressed me a lot.  It is very beautiful to discover the hearts of others.

4. During this time of reflection and prayer with the community, what have you learned?

To know how to wait for God’s action, so that he is free to act, and to trust that the result is what he wants.  I consider this exercise of trust important.  Also to discover that everyone wants to build.  Everyone’s attitude is very good and this gives me peace.

5. How did you feel about being elected? When the cardinal asked if you would accept, what were you thinking about?

That the offering of my life is what God wants here. I offered Him my life for the Legion and the movement, and the answer was that this is the path that God wants me to walk. I felt the weight of it and God’s gaze upon me, a gaze of infinite love. He looks upon me, He loves me, and grants me His tenderness, His encouragement and trust. It gives me a lot of security to have the certainty that He is in charge of everything.

6. What did your family say when they found out you were elected? How did they react?

My mother told me that she had gone to Mass that morning and did not know what to pray for.  It gave them a lot of pain to think about the possibility of me continuing with this mission.  My father told me that with my shyness and insecurity, it surprised him a lot and he is very amazed at what God will have to do.

7. What do you envision for the next six years?
That God will act to bring about in the consecrated women of Regnum Christi a profound renewal.

8. What does it mean for you to be at the service of your consecrated sisters?

The opportunity to allow God to love them through me.

9. Give us four key words for this new page of our history that we are beginning to write.


10. What would you most like to talk about or share with the other consecrated?

The renewal is something we all achieve. It is not a question to be solved by one person.  It is with everyone’s effort that we draw all of this forward.

Gloria has a Legionary brother, Fr. Jaime, and a consecrated sister named Marta. She studied psychology at the Complutense University in Madrid. She has done apostolic work in Mexico, Spain, Rome and Germany, as a formator and director of consecrated women in formation and apostolate centers, and in educational institutes. She was the assistant to the territorial director in eastern and central Europe.  At age 38, she is currently the general director of the consecrated women of Regnum Christ, and has been consecrated for 15 years.



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