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Turn to Jesus (Article)

Ask a Priest
U. S. A. | WHO WE ARE | NEWS invites you to send your queries on the faith to Fr. Edward McIlmail, LC

The Roman collar

  • I am in love with a married man.  What do I do?
  • How can I handle constant criticizing from a spouse?
  • As a Catholic, is it OK to use or display the word “Namaste?”
  • Are we baptized in the name of the Holy Trinity or in the name of Jesus?
  • Is it bad to wear a cross sideways?
  • How can I fulfill my vocation while being homebound?
  • Why does God allow so much pain and suffering?
  • How often can I go to confession?

These are the types of questions being tackled by Fr. Edward McIlmail LC on Fr. Edward is the editor and contributor behind the new “Ask a Priest” advice column on the website.

“Over the years many people have been helped by the meditations offered through Regnum Christi websites,” said Fr. Edward. “I welcomed the chance to help with a question-and-answer for RCSpirituality. It seemed to be a good way to help people in their particular situations. The spiritual life is a battlefield, and the wider culture isn’t making it any easier to follow in the footsteps of Christ.

“With God’s grace, the Ask a Priest column will be able to answer that need,” he said. “In the short time the feature went live
Fr. Edward McIlmail LC
Fr. Edward McIlmail LC
online, we decided to try to be open to any and all questions. Readers haven’t disappointed us, sending questions ranging from how to improve their prayer life, to how to live in relationships chastely and well, to deep theological questions. All this indicates a hunger for knowledge of the Catholic faith. Deep down, people want to hear the truth.”

Fr. Edward requests the readers, and all RC members, keep him, and the RC website in their prayers, and he asks patience if all questions are not answered immediately.

“Rest assured that every question is read and pondered,” he said. “And you are all in my prayers.”

To contact Fr. Edward at "Ask a Priest", go to the following link:, or send him an email at



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