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Three Hearts
New retreat guide from on the sacrament of marriage

Marriage Retreat Guide Image

What better way to celebrate the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday then to be deeply immersed in God’s vision for marriage?  This will be the subject of latest Retreat Guide available beginning February 1, 2014.

The RC Spirituality Center and present Three Hearts: A Retreat Guide on the Sacrament of Marriage.

Fr. John Bartunek, LC, who leads the Retreat Guides, said, “My hope for Three Hearts is simply to remind you of God’s amazing vision for this sacrament, and to point out some practical tools that can help you spread, and – as the case may be – live out that vision a little bit better.”

The retreat guide delves into the mystery of how God, by creating the human family in His image, also created everyone with a vocation to love.

“If you are yet to be married, this retreat guide is for you too,” said Lucy Honner, Director of the RC Spirituality Center. “It will help you keep an eye on the future, to prepare yourself to be the kind of spouse you really want to be.  And for those of us following a celibate vocation in some form of consecrated life, we too can benefit from this Retreat Guide in relation to our consecrated community and the Church institution that we minister to.”

Click here to view the “Three Hearts” introduction video.  And click here if you would like to support the ongoing mission of the RC Spirituality Center.  Fr. Bartunek assures his “ongoing prayers for the growing network of beneficiaries of and contributors.”



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