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Listening to the Holy Spirit as He shows us God’s Plan
Update on the General Chapter

Mass of Atonement at Chapter
Fr. Anton Vogelsang LC preaching during the Eucharistic hour of atonement.

It´s been three weeks since the General Chapter opened with the Mass of the Holy Spirit. Throughout this period the Chapter Fathers, with their hearts open to God´s Word, have listened to the reports on the previous central government and have begun to address the tasks outlined by the Pope: the revision of the text of the constitutions and the election of the new central government of the Legion.

Listening to Reports and Addressing Concerns

The first day of the chapter, the Papal Delegate read his report, which focused on the work done during his tenure and the most relevant issues raised by the apostolic visit. Monsignor Mario Marchesi reported on the findings of the Economic Affairs Commission and the Outreach Commission. Fr. Sylvester Heereman LC read his report, skipping the parts that touched on issues already addressed by the Papal Delegate. Each chapter father received a copy of the reports for personal study. The administrative report of the congregation is also available to chapter members.

Fr. Daniel Massick LC commented, "I believe that the report of Fr. Sylvester is clear, honest and complete. I’ve been glad to hear almost all the worries and concerns that some fathers and brothers expressed to me over the years: the founder, the charism, spirituality, community life, economic status, etc. . . . This has shown me that these points are taken seriously and are being confronted by the chapter."

January 30 was devoted to special prayer and penance as established by the decree of December 6, 2010. In addition, the Chapter Fathers celebrated Mass for the remission of sins to make atonement and ask the Lord for forgiveness for their own sins and those of all members of the congregation. The penitential rite of the Mass and the prayers of the faithful were permeated by this sense of atonement and intercession. All deceased Legionaries were particularly remembered, including the founder on the sixth anniversary of his death, with the prayer that they may be granted eternal
Fr. Daniel Massick and Fr. Konstantin Ballestrem.
Fr. Daniel Massick LC and Fr. Konstantin Ballestrem LC.
salvation. They also prayed for all the people who have suffered from the behavior of members of our congregation.

Revising the Constitutions and Forming the New Central Government

After the reports, the first few days were devoted to reflection on the fundamental issues outlined in the apostolic visit: review of the constitutions and clarification of the charism, the exercise of authority in the congregation, and formation. Thus, the work of revising the constitutions and help to form the new central government.

"We know that all Legionaries would like to learn more about the discussions and issues we face in the Chapter Hall," said Fr. John Bartunek LC. "While it is probably insufficient, we are informing you through the website, in the ‘Day by Day’ section. More towards the end of the chapter we can expect to share official statements and texts that describe the decisions made by the chapter... Things are developing slowly and we cannot pick the fruit before it is ripe. This gives the Chapter Fathers a lot of freedom to express ourselves honestly during the decision-making."

By January 31, the process of revising the Constitution was well underway.

"The draft of the constitutions we received from the Central Commission is very well prepared," said Fr. Jesus Villagrasa LC. "As well, the suggestions and contributions from the territorial assemblies are enriching the analysis.  Thankfully, the text is mature and that allows us to make good progress."

Besides completing the revision of the text, work remaining includes forming of the new central government, reflecting on the collaboration between the branches of Regnum Christi, setting priorities for the new general director and other concerns that have come from the communities or individual Legionaries.  The Chapter received close to a thousand contributions from territorial assemblies, mostly small changes, and five hundred suggestions from individuals -- some proposals that deal with the text of the constitutions, others with praxis, or the way they are lived out in the Legion.
During General Chapter
The Chapter Hall during a session.
In discussing the proposed constitution, the Fathers are taking these into account.
The process for forming the new central government started several days ago but is not yet completed. When ready, the results will be made public.

"I feel the need to thank all Legionaries, members of Regnum Christi and many of our brothers in the Church who accompany us with their prayers day by day," said Fr. Eugenio Martín LC. "We are living in a time of Pentecost, in which each person speaks in his own language, but we are all one heart and one soul like the first apostles. This undoubtedly is due to the intercession of many who decided to accompany us at this time of grace for the Legion. I ask everyone to continue to pray. We need your prayers to be able to serve you better."



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