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A Passion for Evangelization
RC consecrated woman Eleanor Segraves blogs to share her experience working as a parish youth minister and pastoral assistant

Eleanor Segraves as parish Youth Minister
Eleanor Segraves talks to the youth group at Immaculate Conception parish. (Pope Francis, in cardboard, provides moral support.)

Last Sunday I came to a greater awareness that whether or not ONE PERSON is called to Regnum Christi from this parish, my charism, the passion I have inside of me to evangelize and to form and launch apostles, is touching hearts.

These are the words of Regnum Christi consecrated woman Eleanor Segraves. She works as Pastoral Assistant and Youth Minister at Immaculate Conception Parish in Highland Park, Illinois.

Eleanor has written the first of hopefully many blogs to share her wisdom as she serves the parish, and the Church at large, through these two part time jobs that “add
RC consecrated woman Eleanor Segraves
Eleanor Segraves
up to a VERY full time schedule,” she said.
“Working as a pastoral assistant and youth minster at Immaculate Conception has been an incredible experience for me as an RC consecrated woman,” she said. “I am finally doing what I have always dreamed of.  I am absolutely convinced that the future work of Regnum Christi here in the states is going to be through the parishes.

“The parish is where the people are, and this is what we want to do…to accompany individuals and families on their journey toward holiness. The parish is the place to set their hearts
Eleanor Segraves and Lauren Hawkesworth on All Saints Day at parish.
Eleanor and her consecrated sister, Lauren Hawkesworth, have a little dress up fun guarding the
on fire to bring others to know and love Jesus Christ! I’m hooked…who wants to come and help me? (I have way too much to do!)”

Click here to read Eleanor’s blog on RC Live.



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