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Trouble with Trust
New Retreat Guide for Lent available March 1 from

Trouble with Trust Retreat Guide

The 40 days of preparation for the holiest season in the Church year begins next week with Ash Wednesday.  To help us prepare, the RC Spirituality Center is offering two Lenten Retreat Guides, including their latest, “Trouble with Trust,” available starting March 1, 2014.

“Lent is a season to strengthen our trust in the Lord, and we do this by meditating on Christ’s Passion,” said Lucy Honner, Director of the RC Spirituality Center.  “The first meditation of the newest Retreat Guide discusses why humans find it hard to trust God, and the second meditation focuses on how Jesus builds a bridge of trust between humanity and God.”

The conference which follows these meditations covers ways to exercise trust in God and make that trust grow.

Also available from is the Retreat Guide “The Colors of the Cross,” a reflection on the meaning of the brown, red and skin colors of the Cross of Christ.

Lucy suggests some ways to share these retreat guides with others.

“You can make them part of your family prayers each evening,” she said.  She also suggests talking about them with colleagues at work, perhaps during a lunch break.   “You might invite family and friends over for dinner and discussion,” she added. “Or you could bring the Retreat Guide to your parish or Bible study group for a Lenten reflection.”

For more information, or to access the guides, go to



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