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Documents produced by the Legion’s Extraordinary General Chapter
The Legion’s General Chapter has finalized the draft of the Constitutions and has published communiqués addressing a range of issues

decretos capítulo general

The Legion’s General Chapter has produced several important documents.  The most important is the draft of the constitutions which the Chapter finalized and sent to the Holy See for review and approval.  This draft has been distributed to the members of the Legionaries of Christ for the purposes of personal and community reflection.  The constitutions will be formally published and translated once they are approved by the Holy See. 

The Chapter has also published a series of communiqués addressing a number of the issues that have been on the minds and hearts of many Legionaries, Regnum Christi members, friends and family members and others who have followed the developments of the past few years. 

The Spanish originals of these communiqués can be found here

As the English translations of the communiqués are finalized, they will be made public.  Given their length, we project that this will take about a week in all. 

Here is a list of the themes of the communiqués.



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