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Process Reviewed and Adapted
The Regnum Christi consecrated women make changes to vocational discernment and formation

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The consecrated women of Regnum Christi have reviewed and adapted their process of vocational discernment and formation, according to recently appointed National Vocation Director Michelle Reiff.

“In December 2013, we celebrated our General Assembly, in which our statutes were approved by Cardinal Velasio DePaolis, the Papal Delegate charged with the renewal of the Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi,” she said. “One important thing we realized during this time of renewal was the need for more thorough vocational discernment, which we are now implementing and have described in our statutes.”

The General Assembly confirmed the process as follows:

  • Women who believe God may be calling them to RC consecrated life should attend a program of discernment for six weeks in the summer.
  • This program will be followed by a two-year Candidacy in which the women enter the consecrated community, but do not take vows.  They will live a period of deep prayer and discernment of their vocation to RC consecrated life and the movement’s mission to evangelize.
  • At the end of those two years, if the women in discernment, and their consecrated spiritual directors, see signs of a clear call, they make their first temporary vows of consecration for three years. During that time they will study (at Mater Ecclesiae College in Greenville, Rhode Island) toward a bachelor’s degree in Religious and Pastoral Studies with a minor in philosophy and a specialization in communication in a global society.  (Go to this link for curriculum information:

At the end of the three years, if they and their formators continue to see a clear call, they will renew their temporary vows for another three years and move into one of the RC consecrated communities of apostolate throughout the world, where they will experience living their vocation, both in community and in active apostolate.  At the end of these three years (a total of eight years of discernment) they will make their final, definitive vows.

Michelle said she has informed the diocesan bishops where the RC consecrated women live and work of these new procedures.  “We want them to be aware of the changes since we know that this is an area of concern for some people,” she said.

“Discerning vocations and forming young people for future ministry takes specialized, experienced personnel,” she said.  “We are investing time and resources to better educate ourselves as spiritual directors and formators.  I would appreciate your prayers as we seek to build a solid foundation for our future.”



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