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Unlikely Allies - the Big Bang and the Catholic Church
Legionaries of Christ host “Faith and Science” conference series in the Silicon Valley

Fr Georges Lemaître and Albert Einstein
Fr. Georges Lemaître and Albert Einstein

Two subjects that rarely go together in modern dialogue were the topic of a talk given by Dr. Joseph Davis, PhD in Aeronautics, on February 20, 2014 at the Our Lady of Santa Clara Retreat Center in Cupertino, California.

RC Members and friends gathered together with Silicon Valley technology professionals and scientists to hear the presentation entitled “The Big Bang and the Catholic Church – Unlikely Allies.”

Dr. Davis, who is the cofounder of three companies in Silicon Valley and co-inventor of 35 US and foreign patents, discussed the fascinating history of the Theory of the Expansion of Universe, also known as Big Bang Theory. He explained the important role of the Catholic Church in the development
Dr Joseph Davis and Fr Timothy Lyons LC
Dr. Joseph Davis and Fr. Timothy Lyons LC
of the theory, especially through its first proponent, Catholic priest Georges Lemaitre.

This presentation was the result of an initiative of the Legionaries of Christ in Cupertino as part of the conference series “Faith and Science.” Fr Timothy Lyons LC said the main purpose of the series is to bring together believers and non-believers to dialogue about Faith and Science. Prior to Dr. Davis’ talk, those in attendance enjoyed a dinner and had the opportunity to meet each other.

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Graphic of Big Bang
Graphic to illustrate the Big Bang used by Dr. Joseph Davis.



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